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About the Business & Civic Engagement Pathway

The Business & Civic Engagement Pathway offers career-technical education in a variety of programs leading to entry-level positions or on-the-job promotions in the dynamic world of business. Programs include accounting, management/supervision, small business entrepreneurship, retail management, marketing and public relations, and real estate (including all of the coursework required to sit for the California Bureau of Real Estate Salesperson License and most of the coursework required for the California Bureau of Real Estate Broker's License).

Many of the courses may also be transferrable to 4-year colleges and universities. Students should confer with a counselor to determine the specific requirements of the institution to which they plan to transfer.


Programs of BCE

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The Accounting program offers occupational training to students who plan to work in general and corporate accounting. Instruction is provided in financial and managerial accounting theory and in various practical aspects of the accounting field. General accountants record transactions involving receivables, payables, payroll, and property into a general ledger and examine the financial records for compliance with accounting standards and applicable laws. Corporate accountants record financial transactions, analyze and evaluate financial records, apply tax law and finance techniques, and may design and implement accounting/ bookkeeping systems and procedures. By fulfilling the program requirements, students are proficient in the application of basic financial and managerial accounting principles and techniques.

Students will be adept at analyzing and recording economic transactions using Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) and relevant computer applications.

 Students will understand the application of accounting principles and techniques to service, merchandising, and manufacturing businesses. Typical positions are bookkeeper, accounting clerk, junior accountant and tax preparer. Courses required for the Accounting Clerk Certificate are designed to prepare students for entry level positions in specialized occupational areas after 2 to 3 semesters of study.

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The Associate in Science in Administration of Justice for Transfer (AS-T) prepares students for entry-level positions as police officers, police reserve officers, police assistants, and community service officers in police and sheriff’s departments and for positions in private security as well as preparation for careers in probation, parole, and federal law enforcement agencies. Emphasis is on critical thinking, oral communication skills, and writing skills essential to today’s law enforcement employees. Students are kept informed of changes in law enforcement such as community policing, laws of arrest, search and seizure, and updates to the state penal code. Role playing and Moot court presentation are included to enhance oral communication skills and preparation of written reports. Training is also provided in the area of crime analysis and use of computer technology in law enforcement.

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CAOT - Information Processing Specialist

The Information Processing Specialist provides support to assigned administrative personnel; coordinate office activities; monitor assigned activities, and provide meaningful informational recommendations to administrators and directors.

By fulfilling the program requirements, students are prepared for entry level positions. Some duties include:

Communicating with clients

  • Compiling data from various sources
  • Coordinating relevant information for special programs
  • Maintaining the organizations website
  • Monitoring assigned departmental activities
  • Ordering software and equipment for the organization
  • Responding to a wide range of correspondence

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The Computer Applications and Office Technologies (CAOT) degree and certificate programs are designed to provide students with administrative and clerical competency skills required for employment in a variety of areas, such as business and industry, government agencies, schools, and hospitals. The degree and certificate options are designed to meet the varying needs of a wide spectrum of students, including those seeking:

  • Associate in Arts degree(s)
  • Certificate(s) that are specific to a discipline or area
  • Entry into the job market• Advanced training and/or retraining
  • Lifelong learning

By fulfilling the program requirements, students are prepared for entry level positions, promotion, and career advancement in a variety of office occupations.

Students will be proficient in the use of software application programs such as Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, and Internet research.

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The LATTC Child Development Program is designed to meet the needs of those students who wish to prepare themselves for employment or who are currently employed in the Early Childhood Education (ECE) or Elementary Education field. This curriculum prepares student to teach in programs for children including: private facilities, parent cooperatives, Head Start programs, Children’s centers and infant/toddler or school age programs. In addition, this program also prepares students to transfer to four year universities in either Child Development or Teacher Education majors.

Completion of each program leads to a certificate, transfer option and/or an Associate in Arts degree. With additional general education units and required experience, students will be eligible for the Child Development Permit as defined under Title 5. Meeting this requirement will enable the student to teach in Federal and State preschool programs.

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The Community Planning program at LATTC is the only program offered at an accredited community college in the United States. Our unique program provides students the knowledge and training needed for successful employment in the field of community and economic development. The community and economic development industry focuses on revitalizing low and moderate income communities. Rebuilding the economic, physical and social infrastructure of urban communities represents a new, growing and exciting career opportunity. Students can learn basic planning knowledge, development strategies, technical skills and networks needed to enter the industry, earning a Certificate of Achievement.

The Community Planning curriculum and courses are regularly reviewed to ensure that they are relevant, industry appropriate and cutting edge. Industry experts (academic and practitioners) develop, design and teach our courses. Our industry partnerships provide critical resources for our students, providing them with invaluable employment, volunteer, internship and networking opportunities.

 Our courses are structured to be laboratories (classroom and field work) that combine lecture, project driven learning and hands on application of knowledge to contemporary issues affecting communities. Community planning courses are taught during the evening/weekends on campus and in the community to provide students with the greatest range of educational opportunities.

Successful students will be able to apply a community organizing set of skills and tools that address multiple community and economic development issues. Students who complete the program become viable and competitive for employment opportunities. They will have developed their knowledge and skill base, practiced their learning through field work, internships or paid experience and have created networks and/or participated in collaborations that have maximized their knowledge with capacity to understand urgent issues and trends.

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The Computer Information Systems program is designed to prepare students for careers in the exciting Information Technology fields such as programming, software engineering, database administration, computer networking, multimedia programming, and web programming technologies. Microcomputer usage continues to grow at an ever increasing pace as does the demand for workers with solid technical skills and knowledge of programming, networking, and website development and management. The primary goal of the program is to prepare students for entry-level employment as well as providing marketable career advancement knowledge and skills. Students with interest in transferring to an Information Systems program at four-year institutions should consult with the Counseling department for needed course work.

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The Correctional Science program will prepare you to enter the rapidly growing field of corrections. The correctional field has an enormous range of career options, and with the proper training, a future filled with job opportunity and flexibility will be opened. Substantial and growing employment opportunities exist in corrections, public and private detention facilities, law enforcement, private security, immigration and customs, secret service, Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF), Homeland Security are just some of the areas open to you. Students will also have the opportunity to gain experience in the field participating in ride a longs and internships with local agencies.

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The Associate in Science in Early Childhood Education for Transfer (AS-T) degree prepares students with the academic coursework necessary for a variety of child development permits issued by the State of California for students who wish to work while completing their education. Early Childhood Education introduces the theories of child development and principles of education focusing on children ages 0-5 years. The AS-T in Early
Childhood Education for Transfer degree is intended for students who plan to complete a baccalaureate degree in a similar program or major at a California State University campus.

Students who complete this degree will gain priority admission to the CSU system, but not to a particular campus or major.

California State University General Education – Breadth Requirements (CSU GE). Areas A1, A2, A3, & B4 must be completed with a grade of “C” or better (CSU admission requirement)

  1. Completion of 60 transferable semester units to the California State University
  2. Obtainment of a minimum grade point average of 2.0 in all transferable coursework.
  3. Full completion of one the following General education patterns
  4. A minimum of 24 semester units required for the major
  5. All courses in the major must be completed with a grade of “C” or better or a “P” if the course is taken on a “Pass-No Pass” basis (Title 5 § 55063).

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The Labor Center, located in MA-005, offers Labor Studies classes leading to an Associate in Arts Degree or Certificate of Achievement in Labor Studies. Classes and programs are held both on campus and off site at union halls and community organizations. Students can register online, on site in class or at the Labor Center Office.

The Labor Center maintains strong relationships with leaders of organized labor and the community, including a broad based Advisory Board. These leaders help promote participation in the Labor Studies program, and assure evaluation and feedback from the labor movement to help shape future programs. The Labor Center staff also advise Labor Studies students and prospective students, and the Center maintains a collection of labor DVDs available for free loan.

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The Management/Supervision program is designed to prepare students for managerial responsibilities in business by studying both fundamentals of business operations and human relations. This program will add basic management/supervisory skills to their current occupation or technical skills they may already possess. Course work will cover the basic business management skills with emphasis on human relations, leadership, written and oral communications that relates to managerial/supervisory positions. Graduates of this program should be able to improve one’s promotability and will be eligible for jobs as assistant managers, management trainees, supervisors, team leaders, first line managers and a wide range of other entry level positions. Non managers/supervisors will also increase their knowledge of basic business functions and enhance their current job performance.
By fulfilling the program requirements, students will increase their abilities to negotiate successfully, build and manage teams, manage projects, resolve confl icts, communicate and motivate teams to achieving departmental and organizational success.

 Students will also understand and will be able to apply management/supervision concepts in real world situations whether they are in business for themselves or working within government, private or non profit industries.

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The program is designed to insure all students master all aspects of marketing and public relations, which include advertising, branding, and corporate communications. Students will study and evaluate the effectiveness and appropriateness of marketing and public relations messages while engaging in problem analysis, strategic planning, message development, and tactical solutions. Using both traditional and digital media students will be able to implement compelling marketing campaigns that reach customers and consumers in new and innovative ways, grow market share, and increase bottom line results.

By fulfilling the program requirements, students will have a background in the principles and practices involved in the promotion and distribution of products and services from producers through middleman to the ultimate consumer.

 This program leads to entry level positions in public relations and marketing careers in business, industry, agency, government, and nonprofit sectors of society. Typical jobs includes, marketing director, public relations representative, corporate consultant, political campaign advisor, small business owner, marketing and non profit communications consultants.

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Nursing Practices

The Medical Office Assistant Certificate of Achievement prepares students for entry level employment in a medical/dental front office, such as a doctor/dentist’s office, hospital, clinic, and/or medical insurance company. Upon completion of the certificate program, students are prepared to assume entry level medical/dental office duties and responsibilities. The program may also prepare students for career advancement and retraining in the use of current computer application programs. The program also provides the basic skills that promote success in the workplace. Typical positions include medical clerk, medical transcriber, medical office assistant, and assistant medical office manager.

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The Paralegal Studies program at LATTC will prepare students for employment as paralegals or legal assistants in both the private and public sectors. Students who complete the program will be able to work with lawyers in law offices, corporations, governmental agencies or other entities. Upon completion of the program students will be able to prepare cases for court, calendar, draft various legal documents, fill out Judicial Council Forms, interview clients, brief cases and conduct traditional and computer assisted legal research using Lexis Nexis and/or West Law. The program will also provide hands on experience through internships within private law firms, government agencies, courts and legal aid clinics.

The graduate possessing the Certificate of Achievement or the AA Degree will be able to work closely with attorneys and be responsible for researching, analyzing, and managing tasks associated with legal cases.

 The Paralegal Studies program at LATTC is driven by its business relationships and partnerships with practicing lawyers, paralegals from the public and private sectors, legal clinics, paralegal consortium’s and other community colleges’ paralegal faculty members. The mission of the program is to provide an environment of excellence in knowledge and the latest practices of the legal field

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The Real Estate Program offers several options, which prepare students for increasing levels of responsibility and career choices within the field of real estate.

The Associate of Arts in Real Estate degree is designed for transfer to an upper division public college or university in the State of California. The designed curriculum prepares students for the real estate salesperson’s license, the real estate broker’s license and the practice of real estate.

By fulfilling the program requirements, students are prepared for a variety of entry level and advanced career opportunities in the real estate profession. Typical positions include: real estate agent, broker, real estate assistant, processor,

appraiser, property manager, escrow officer, title officer, real estate office manager, consumer protection representative, land developer, urban planner, construction, business sales agent, community advocate, property inspector, investor, and owner of income producing properties.

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The Retail Management AA is a comprehensive college program designed to prepare current and future retail employees for a fast-paced and competitive retail environment. This program-designed in collaboration with retail industry leaders-will provide the student with the competencies required to succeed at the management level within the dynamic retail industry.

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The Small Business Entrepreneurship AA Degree Program at Los Angeles Trade-Technical College will prepare students to understand the process of creating, launching and managing a small business. Through academic coursework and experiential learning students will leave prepared to pursue the entrepreneurial lifestyle and be ready to maximize their entrepreneurial potential. Students who complete the program will be proficient in the process and procedures needed to transform an initial entrepreneurial idea into a viable business operation.

Through business simulations, mentorships and internships within local small businesses in the surrounding community this program will also provide students with practical knowledge, hands-on experience and the skills to be a successful entrepreneur.

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Dr. Rose Gathoni Maina
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Department Chairperson, Labor Center