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Extended Opportunity Programs and Services

Extended Opportunities Programs and Services(EOPS) is a state-funded program that provides economically and educationally underrepresented students with support services that will help them achieve their educational goals (certificate, Associates Degree, and/or transfer to four-year university). These support services are in addition to the services provided by the college to all students. At Los Angeles Trade-Technical College, we want our students to be successful, therefore, we have tailored the program to aid students in meeting the costs of college and providing students with skills that will enable them to be successful.

The Director, Counselors, Coordinator, and Staff are trained to help the student navigate successfully through the educational system.

EOPS has two subprograms that offer additional services and benefits to eligible students.

It is not too late to join EOPS this semester!

To qualify you need:

  1. You must be enrolled in 12 units
  2. Qualify for a California Promise Grant (former BOG Fee Waiver) A, B, or C with a zero EFC.
  3. Must be a California resident- must have lived in California for one year and one day preceding application (AB 540 and Dream Act students qualify and are encouraged to apply)
  4. At the time of acceptance, must not have already completed 70 units of college credit or have obtained an Associate degree or higher.
  5. Must be educationally disadvantaged based upon one or more criteria listed below:
    • Not qualified for the minimum English or math course considered college level
    • Not graduated from high school and not have received a GED
    • Graduated from high school with a Grade Point Average (GPA) below a 2.5 on a 4.0 scale
    • Prior basic skills course completed with a satisfactory or better grade
    • Other Factors (SEE EOPS staff for more information)

To apply please complete the EOPS Application 

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Office Hours and Location

Fall & Spring Hours:
Mondays to Thursdays: 8 am–6 pm
Fridays: Closed In-person: 8 am–12 pm (Remote)
Holidays and Weekends: Closed

Summer Hours:
Monday–Thursday: 8 am–4:30 pm
Fridays: Closed In-person: 8 am–12 pm (Remote)
Holidays and Weekends: Closed

Administration/Services Building, E5-416


Maggie Cordero, J.D.
Phone: (213) 763-7117