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The PUENTE Project is a national-award winning program that has helped tens of thousands of educationally disadvantaged students enroll in four-year colleges and universities, earn degrees, and return to the community as leaders and mentors to future generations. Begun in 1981, Puente combines accelerated instruction, intensive academic counseling, and community leadership opportunities.


The PUENTE Project helps to prepare educationally disadvantaged students for college admission and success through its combination of accelerated instruction, intensive academic counseling, and opportunities for community leadership. Puente is open to all students.

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The Puente Program

Puente provides three areas of service to help students transfer to a four year University.

English Instruction

PUENTE’s writing component includes college transfer-level English courses 101, 102 & 103. While adhering to the requirements of the course outlines of specific community college departments, the writing instructor moves generally from narrative or personal writing--in which students develop their voice and confidence--to writing based on rigorous academic prose, including analytical, argumentative, and research-based texts. Writing is presented as a process that develops in response to “real-life” audiences and peer groups.

Students enroll with the same PUENTE instructor for classes over one academic year which creates a supportive environment for students through the curriculum. The courses integrate Latino and other multicultural literature in combination with skill-appropriate scaffolding for texts that build in rhetorical and thematic complexity. Students are also provided with an opportunity to use mentors and their communities as a resource for writing and to develop their relationships with their mentors. The courses offer an environment that provide students with the support and motivation likely to enable them to transfer.


Puente students have access to direct Counseling Services. The Puente Counselor Coordinator works closely with Puente students and is available to meet with them on a 1-1 basis. Puente students in the program are expected to meet with the counselor for personal counseling, to complete or update a comprehensive student educational plan (CSEP), to go over topics related to major requirements, life planning, career exploration, and transfer requirements, among other topics. Students enroll in Counseling courses aimed at developing skills to succeed in college and in life, as well as a counseling class focused on personal development and introducing students to campus resources.

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Office located: E5-214

Contact Phone Number 213-763-7106

Email:  munozam@lattc.edu

Puente Counseling Hours
Tuesday – 11:30am -3:00pm
Wednesday – 11:30 am - 3:00pm

Thursday - 11:30 am - 3:00pm



Each Puente student is matched with a mentor from te business or professional community. Mentors share with students their personal, academic and career experiences, and provide a window into “real life” work environments. The network of trained Puente mentors provides many resources for the Puente students, their families, colleges and the community.

Cross-Cultural Counseling Center

Office Hours and Location

Spring Counseling Hours
In-Person Counseling
Monday–Thursday: 8 am–4:30 pm
Fridays: 8 am–12 pm
Closed holidays and weekends

Online Counseling
Monday–8:00 am - 11:30 am

Fridays: 8 am–4 pm
Closed holidays and weekends

Administration/Services Building, E5-205


Phone: (213) 763-7106

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