Annual EADA Report

About Athletics at LATTC

Los Angeles Trade-Technical College started the athletics program in 1958, with the sports of Men's Basketball and Track and Field. In the beginning the teams did not have a conference to play in so they had to compete at-large. The teams played other Community Colleges when available and Junior Varsity College teams that would try to fit them into their schedules. With the addition of more sports to the program Men's and Co-ed Tennis, Cross Country, Wrestling, Women's Softball and Golf, Trade-Tech was admitted to the Western States Conference.

Title IX

Mission Statement

At Los Angeles Trade-Technical College, we embrace the important role athletics plays in advancing the strategic goal of the college. Our college encourages a deep sense of personal responsibility and willingness to serve others in a diverse society. These goals include the enrollment and retention of quality students, and the active engagement of our alumni.
LATTC seeks to develop the mind/body/spirit of our student-athletes.

We empower student-athletes in their quest for excellence in and out of the athletic arena. LATTC embraces the beauty of amateur competition, demanding fair play, sportsmanship, and ethical conduct among coaches and student-athletes.
LATTC is committed to the health, safety, and well being of our student.

We provide athletic and physical fitness opportunities, fairness, and equitably to all student-athletes.
LATTC takes pride in providing a high student-athlete experience.

Finally, we believe the benefits of athletics extend beyond our athletes. Successful intercollegiate sporting events can be rallying points for our student body and alumni, developing pride and school spirit.

Athletics Staff

Vincent Jackson

Dean of Athletics
(213) 763-7035

Alan Wagenbach

Director of Athletics
(213) 763-3751

Coach Sherwyn Morgan

Head Women’s Basketball Coach
(213) 763-3728 
cell 562-682-0331

Yvette Wickman

Sr Office Assistant/Athletic Specialist
(213) 763-7185

C’Artis Blevins

Kinesiology Athletic Facilities Female
(213) 763-3735

Oscar Orozco

Athletics Trainer
(213) 763-3734

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Athletics Building, F2-202A


Vincent Jackson, Dean
Phone: (213) 763-7035