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Published: October 2023

The LATTC College Catalog is a 2-year publication, updated on the second year. This catalog addendum contains new and updated information, as well as corrections of errors in the original catalog.
Although every effort has been made to ensure accuracy of the information in this Catalog, students and others are encouraged to consult with a counselor for any questions.


For previous publication of College Catalog, please refer to the LATTC Catalog Archive.
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Many certificate and degree programs are available within each department and discipline at Los Angeles Trade-Technical College. A listing of all the available programs is located in the Educational Programs section of the college catalog. More specific information about the college’s Associate Degree, Certificate of Achievement, Skills Certificate, Noncredit, and Apprenticeship programs is provided below.

Associate in Science (AS) and Associate in Arts (AA) degree programs are composed of three parts: general education, a major or an area of emphasis, and additional graduation requirements or electives to bring the total units to a minimum of 60 semester units. However, the associate degree represents more than an accumulation of units. Instead, it embodies completion of a well-defined pattern of learning experiences that are designed to develop certain capabilities. All the general requirements for the associate degree at Los Angeles Trade-Technical College are specified in the Associate Degree Requirements section of the college catalog. The specific degree requirements–majors or areas of emphasis, electives, and general education graduation plan–for each AS or AA program is provided in the Programs and Courses section of the college catalog.

In addition, a website is available with detailed information on all of the Certificate of Achievement programs the college offers. A Certificate of Achievement is issued in State-approved programs designed for students who are looking for instruction with a high degree of specialization. Certificate of Achievement programs vary in length (typically ranging anywhere from 12 to 48 units), but most have 18 or more semester units, and may be pursued on a full-time or part-time basis. Certificate of Achievement programs are usually less than a two-year educational program comprised of courses needed to prepare students for immediate employment.

The college also offers a number of Skills or other short-term Certificate programs. These programs are less than 12 units, typically can be completed in one semester or less, and are intended to prepare students with a specific skill-set enabling them to become either more “specialized” or to “broaden” their skills and abilities within a particular career or occupation. Students completing a Skills Certificate (or other short term certificate) program receive a certificate document from the college but it will not be noted on the student’s transcript.

Noncredit programs are an organized sequence of two or more courses leading to a defined objective, certificate, a diploma, or license. Noncredit programs at Los Angeles Trade-Technical College generally fall into these two program areas: career development and college preparation or career technical programs with “high employment potential” that provide 288 hours or more of instruction. Courses comprising noncredit programs are not applicable to a credit certificate or degree program

Apprenticeship programs prepare students for any profession, trade, or craft that are learned through a combination of supervised, on-the-job training with off-the-job formal education. Los Angeles Trade-Technical College’s apprenticeship programs are intended for students who are indentured to learn a trade under agreement with the State of California Division of Apprenticeship Standards. As such these programs are restricted to indentured apprentices only.

Cooperative Work Experience Education (CWEE) combines on-the-job experience with regular classroom instruction. It is designed to expand students’ skills and knowledge, and to improve self-understanding by integrating classroom study with supervised work experience.

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Class Schedules

Find the classes you're going to take next using the Schedule of Classes. You'll also find archived schedules and a list of non-credit classes available.

Be advised, the most current class information can be found in the Student Information System (currently using PeopleSoft) for which there is the "Class Schedule Search" (a link not requiring a login) to browse class offerings.

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About Pathways

We are a public community college with a variety of program options for the discerning student. In addition to our unmatched selection of quality career programs which train you for great careers in two years; we offer programs to provide lower division transfer preparation to a four-year university.

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Academic Programs

Look through the Academic Programs at LATTC. You can filter by your Success Goal (degree, certificate, or transfer), by Pathway, or by "Topic of Study" (job-related terms that might be more familiar).

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Academic Policies

Check here for the most current changes and updates to Academic Policy, which may impact you and your activities while in the LA Community College District.

Full list of policies and detailed descriptions can be found in the current Catalog.

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