Labor Studies

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Program Overview

The Labor Center, located in D3-005, offers Labor Studies classes leading to an Associate in Arts Degree or Certificate of Achievement in Labor Studies. Classes and programs are held both on campus and off site at union halls and community organizations. Students can register online, on site in class or at the Labor Center Office.

The Labor Center maintains strong relationships with leaders of organized labor and the community, including a broad based Advisory Board. These leaders help promote participation in the Labor Studies program, and assure evaluation and feedback from the labor movement to help shape future programs. The Labor Center staff also advise Labor Studies students and prospective students, and the Center maintains a collection of labor DVDs available for free loan.

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Kathleen Yasuda
(213) 763-7129
Office Location
D3 room 005
Office Hours


Business & Civic Engagement Pathway (BCE)

Program Learning Outcomes (PLOs)

Labor Studies is designed to train students, union leaders, human relations professionals, and workers in the practical, applied skills and up-to-date knowledge of labor relations and for positions in union leadership. Employees in labor and human relations can develop career skills and prepare for positions or advancement in labor unions, labor relations, human relations and government. The instructors are all experts who are active in the field.

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Program Details

Award Title Award Type Required Course Units Total Major Units GE Units
Labor Studies AA 18 36 21
Labor Studies C 15 24