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Office of Student Life

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Student Life

The Office of Student Life (OSL) provides opportunities for students to become engaged in educational, social and community service activities in and outside the classroom. Services such as the club activities, student lounge, computer lab, and publicity through the bulletin boards are offered. 

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We, the Associated Student Organization (A.S.O.) serve to benefit the student body of Los Angeles Trade Tech College through our support of academic achievement, public activism, and social service; we strive to build a campus that is focused on the needs and welfare of students. We shall stand alongside our fellow students and campus community in order to stimulate the academic, physical, social and moral lives of students in the college. We provide students the opportunity for leadership and civic participation on campus, and the region, and at the state and national levels to support and advocate for resources that increase academic achievement, student success, and campus community engagement.


metro go pass card

Metro Go Pass

Free rides for actively enrolled LACCD students from July 1, 2023 - June 30, 2024!

Steps to obtain an annual Metro GoPass from LATTC:

  1. Obtain an LATTC Student Picture ID card & semester enrollment sticker from Bridges to Success Office located in the Student Support Center (The Hub), D3-105.
  2. Complete annual Metro GoPass application by visiting
  3. Visit the Office of Student Life (ASO) located in Tom Bradley Center for Student Life, C2-105, to pick up your Metro Tap Card and GoPass activation sticker.
    Metro Go Pass Application  Program Information
Students at a Graduation Ceremony

Graduation Ceremony

There are two steps to graduation. First, and most important, you must Apply for Graduation. You can then RSVP to the Graduation Ceremony. See the Graduation Ceremony site for more details.

Graduation Ceremony