Marketing and Public Relations

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Program Overview

The program is designed to insure all students master all aspects of marketing and public relations, which include advertising, branding, and corporate communications. Students will study and evaluate the effectiveness and appropriateness of marketing and public relations messages while engaging in problem analysis, strategic planning, message development, and tactical solutions. Using both traditional and digital media students will be able to implement compelling marketing campaigns that reach customers and consumers in new and innovative ways, grow market share, and increase bottom line results.

By fulfilling the program requirements, students will have a background in the principles and practices involved in the promotion and distribution of products and services from producers through middleman to the ultimate consumer. This program leads to entry level positions in public relations and marketing careers in business, industry, agency, government, and nonprofit sectors of society. Typical jobs includes, marketing director, public relations representative, corporate consultant, political campaign advisor, small business owner, marketing and non profit communications consultants.

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Program Details

Award Title Award Type Required Course Units Total Major Units GE Units
Marketing and Public Relations AA 44 44 21
Marketing and Public Relations C 33 33