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Residency Determination

The student residency classification determines the enrollment or tuition fee to enroll in a class. In addition, the student residency status determines student eligibility for the California College Promise Grant (formerly known as the BOG Fee Waiver).

A California resident must have resided In California for one (1) year and one (1) day prior to the student’s residence determination date. The residence determination date is defined as the day before the first day of instruction.

Students who do not meet the California residency requirement as of the residence determination date is classified as a Non-Resident. Non-Resident students must pay the additional Out-of-State tuition fees. International students with F1 or M1 Visa status are also classified as non-residents and will be required to pay International tuition, medical insurance and other fees.

Students may appeal the initial determination of their residency status by completing the Supplemental Residency Questionnaire Form. The form must be submitted within thirty (30) calendar days of non-resident notification and prior to the start of the first semester term of attendance.

Undocumented individuals, T and U visa holders, U.S. citizens, and lawfully present immigrants that meet eligibility criteria can apply for a California Tuition Exemption Request. Individuals with international student visas, or other “non-immigrant” statuses are not eligible to apply.

To be considered for the nonresident tuition exemption under SB 68, students must meet 2 requirements:

  1. Length of time & coursework completed per school; and
  2. Degree Completion, Unit Requirements or a GED

Non-Resident Waiver

Students who are citizens and residents of a foreign country, and who are legally precluded from establishing residency in California shall be entitled to exemptions from non-resident fees on the basis on individual financial need in accordance with regulations adopted by the Chancellor. Such individual exemptions shall not be granted in excess of ten percent (10%) of the district’s students who are both citizens and residents of a foreign country in the applicable term.

  1. Foreign Citizen (not a US Citizen)
  2. Are legally prohibited from establishing residency in CA
  3. Meet the financial assistance requirement
  4. Are enrolled in at least one (1) unit

Be sure to complete and submit a Nonresident Tuition Waiver from Dream Resource Center (Fill-able file below).

Nonresident Tuition Fee Waiver PDF

For residency questions or information, please contact your home-campus Admissions and Records.

Homeless Students

Homeless students are typically classified as non-California resident because they did not list a California address on the college application due to transition in housing. To determine eligibility as a CA resident under 25 years old, please click the link below and complete the form and submit to your home-campus financial aid office.

Certification of Homeless Status

For questions, please contact your home-campus Financial Aid Department