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In addition to campuses within the California State University (CSU) and University of California (UC) system, there are over 100 independent colleges and universities in California. The Association of Independent California Colleges and Universities, AICCU, represents 75 private and non-profit institutions, including over 135 satellite campuses throughout California. The majority of these independent institutions are WASC (Western Association of Schools and Colleges) accredited institutions located throughout the state. These schools, as well as private schools listed, are making education attainable and affordable.

California independent colleges and universities vary widely in terms of size, mission.& The requirements for admission, general education, majors, and transfer vary by campus. Preparing to transfer to an independent college or university requires careful planning and course selection. A sound transfer plan can incorporate transferring either a public or private institution or both.

Key points

  • Private and independent colleges are not tied to state requirements for admission
  • Admission revolves around the individual student and involvement.
  • Grades are still important, but grade trends are important as well
  • What you are doing when you are not in class gives admissions an idea of who you are. Do you volunteer, tutor, in clubs at school or church? Resource: One of the largest global orgs for young people and social change, our 4.9 million members in 130 countries tackle volunteer campaigns that impact every cause.

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