California State University

Cal State University System

The California State University's 23 campuses have a significant impact in their local communities, in the region, and statewide. Each year, the CSU's campuses provide tens of thousands of job-ready graduates for California's workforce who lead the state's industries, providing new ideas and innovations that fuel California's economy. Moreover, the CSU's campuses have a deep commitment to enriching the experiences of their students and improving the quality of life in the surrounding communities and regions. As integral partners in communities across the state, CSU campuses offer Californians the benefit of an outstanding spectrum of programs and services.

CSU Systemwide Programs

CalAbroad; International Programs (IP), the system-wide study abroad program of the California State University, allows students at all 23 of its campuses to gain valuable international, intercultural, and linguistic experience. IP's special focus on academic year programs makes it a unique part of the spectrum of study abroad opportunities at each campus. Students transferring from California Community College may apply to participate in IP during their first year at the CSU.

CSU Cross Enrollment

Cross-enrollment is a program for current LATTC students planning to transfer to CSU. This program allows student to enroll in one class per academic term at Cal State University (provided that space is available in the course) for FREE while still attending LATTC.

To be eligible for cross-enrollment a student meet all the following requirements:

  • Completed at least one term at LATTC as a matriculated student
  • Be enrolled in at least 6 units at LATTC during the term requested
  • Minimum 2.0 GPA
  • Paid enrollment fees or verified waiver at LATTC for current term
  • Academic preparation criteria for LATTC
  • Completed English 101
  • Assessed into or enrolled in Math 125 or higher
  • Have California resident status (or AB540)
  • Plan to transfer to CSUC in the future

Cross Enrollment Form

Call the University Transfer Center for more information and to schedule a Cross Enrollment application appointment. Students must sign up in early in the beginning of the spring semester for fall 2015 participation. Sign up early.

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