Counselor/Coordinator Duties

  1. Perform a variety of coordinated functions and activities pertaining to the operation of the Unity Program.
  2. Coordinate and/or assist with program plans and program budgets, and monitor office operations.
  3. Assist with recommendations for program hiring, supervising and evaluating program student workers.
  4. Serve as liaison with the different college communities, community agencies and private sector organizations in matters concerning Unity students' pursuit of academic achievement.
  5. Coordinate and/or assist with in-service training for faculty and staff to promote the needs of Unity students.
  6. Monitor student progress and investigate areas where additional support is indicated, referring Unity students to appropriate resources and providing counseling services.
  7. Identify and develop college and community resources that will assist Unity students to achieve educational success.
  8. Maintain appropriate records and data regarding the Unity Program; prepare reports, claims, forms or documents and make presentations as required.
  9. Participate in the development of newsletters, brochures, forms, manuals and other appropriate information for and about the Unity Program.
  10. Attend meetings and conferences relating to the Unity program and meet with the Unity advisory committee.
  11. Participate in the college governance process, including attendance at all department and division meetings and serve on college-wide committees.
  12. Other duties as related to the operation of the Unity Program as assigned.

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