David Vela, President
Nichelle Henderson, 1st Vice President
Kelsey Iino, Ed.D., 2nd Vice President
Gabriel Buelna, Ph.D.
Sara Hernandez, J.D.
Andra Hoffman
Kenneth-Alan Callahan, Student Trustee


Francisco C. Rodriguez, Ph.D., Chancellor
Melinda A. Nish, Ed.D., Deputy Chancellor
Nicole Albo-Lopez, Ed.D., Interim Vice ChancellorEducational Programs and Institutional Effectiveness
Jeanette L. Gordon, Vice Chancellor/Chief Financial Officer
Carmen V. Lidz, MS, Vice Chancellor/Chief Information Officer
Maribel S. Medina, J.D., General Counsel
Rueben C. Smith, D.C.Sc., Vice Chancellor/Chief Facilities Executive
Katrina VanderWoude, Ed.D., Interim Vice Chancellor, Workforce Development and Adult Education
Teyanna Williams, J.D., Vice Chancellor, Human Resources


Kathleen F. Burke, Ed.D., College President
Michael Reese, Ed.D., Vice President, Academic Affairs
Dimitrios Synodinos, Acting Vice President, Student Services
Charalambos Ziogas, M.B.A., Vice President, Administrative Services
Arineh Arzoumanian, Ed.D., Dean, Academic Affairs
Felicito Cajayon, Ph.D., Dean, Academic Affairs
Maggie Cordero, J.D., Dean, Student Services
Kamale Gray, Dean, Student Services
Dwane Hartwill, Director of College Facilities
Vincent Jackson, Dean, Academic Affairs
Austin Kemie, Ed.D., Registrar, Admissions & Records
Milagros Kudo, Ph.D., Dean, Institutional Effectiveness 
Jessica Olivas, M.P.A., Dean, Student Services
Sunny Rothstein, Ph.D., Dean, Academic Affairs
Marisol Velasquez, Manager, Financial Aid
Marcia Wilson, Ph.D., Dean, Pathway Innovation and Institutional Effectiveness
Erin Yokomizo, Manager, College Public Relations