Lab/Shop Guidelines

Male Student Reading a Book

To Prevent Injury

  • Safety glasses must be worn while entering, exiting, passing through, resting or working in lab/shop areas
  • Designated shop/lab areas should only be occupied under the supervision of an instructor during class time
  • Bikes, skateboards, etc. must be walked through the shop area
  • Keep work environment free of debris and food
  • Workbenches are for learning materials, parts, tools, etc.

Student Cheking a Vehicle

Vehicle Repairs

  • Vehicles brought in for repairs must be related to current coursework and follow the Vehicle Intake Process (i.e., a car requiring transmission repairs should not be brought in when the course topic is AC/Heating)
  • Student parking is Not allowed in the lab/shop
  • Vehicles will be towed if not removed (deadline: 12/15/16 by 12:00pm)

A Group Taking Class

Respectful Work Environment

  • Maintain a respectful, professional learning environment in the class and lab/shop
  • Use professional language

Hands Working with a Machine

Attendance and Breaks

Be on time to class and return from breaks on time

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