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To be eligible for DSP&S service, the requirements are:

  1. Current student enrolled at LATTC. (New students can start matriculation process in the Bridges Office).
  2. Provide an official verification of disability(ies).
    1. Verification forms must be signed by a licensed professional: Medical Physician, Psychologist or Psychiatrist.
    2. Verification of Disability such as:
      1. Statement indicating the disability or health issue from doctor/agency on their letterhead
      2. Recent High School IEP with test scores
      3. DSPS Verification of Disability signed by the doctor/agency
  3. Student who show proof of verification of disability(ies) (shown above) will be schedule to attend a DSPS Eligibility Workshop. Appointment required.

For more information on how to complete the DSPS Eligibility Workshop contact DSPS via email at @email

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