Final Grade Grievance Procedures

Student Grievance Procedures

The purpose of the E-55 Administrative Regulation - E-55 Form PDF - is to provide a prompt and equitable means for resolving student(s) grievances.

"The statute of limitations period for requesting a Grievance Hearing under this regulation is 120 calendar days after the occurrence of the incident giving rise to the grievance; or 120 calendar days after the student learns, or should have learned, that the student has a basis for filing a grievance. Pursuing an informal remedy for a grievance does not relieve the Grievant of the responsibility of requesting a Grievance Hearing within 120 calendar days of the incident giving rise to the grievance."

The burden of proving mistake, fraud, bad faith and/or incompetence is on the student. Basically, this means that you, the student, must provide the evidence to prove "mistake, fraud, bad faith or incompetence" against the instructor you are grieving.

That's depends on what you are attempting to prove. In most matters, you will need to supply the Grievance Officer or Ombudsman with the course syllabus, any email communications you may have had with the instructor surrounding the matter, and any returned student work.

Informal Resolution Procedures. The E-55 Administrative Regulation states "All parties involved should be encouraged to seek an informal remedy. Informal meetings and discussion between persons directly involved in a grievance are essential at the outset of the dispute and should be encouraged at all stages. An equitable solution should be sought before persons directly involved in the case have assumed official or public opinions that might tend to polarize the dispute and render a solution more difficult."

Formal Resolution Procedures. The E-55 Administrative Regulation states in part "... If there is no informal resolution of the grievance, the student has a right to request a Grievance Hearing."


For alleged violations of sexual harassment, actions dealing with alleged discrimination on the basis of ethnic group identification, religion, age, sex, color, sexual orientation, physical or mental disability, please visit the Office of the Ombudsperson located at Administration/Services Building, E5-532 or call (213) 763-5351.

If your complaint is against Contact
Faculty Department Chair over the area - Check syllabus for phone & location
Student Support Services Office of Student Services - Administration/Services Building, E5-532, (213) 763-7078
Another Student or Counselor Office of Student Services - Administration/Services Building, E5-532, (213) 763-7078
Administrative Services Office of Administrative Services (Bookstore or Parking) - Administration/Services Building, E5-305, (213) 763-7040
All other complaints Office of the Ombudsperson - Administration/Services Building, E5-532, (213) 763-5351

If the student is not satisfied with the outcome of steps one through five above, the student may file an E-55 formal grade change form - E-55 Form PDF - through the Office of the OmbudspersonAdministration/Services Building, E5-532.


Keep copies of all assignments and documentation for all absences. If you are unable to supply this information it will be difficult to be successful in appealing your grade. This office will assist with obtaining copies of assignments, quizzes, and tests retained by the instructor; all other evidence is the student’s responsibility. Grade grievances will not be processed without evidence.