Language Arts & Humanities Department

Mission Statement

To provide a liberal arts education to the students at LATTC for transfer and degree attainment and preparation for workforce development.


We provide a liberal arts education to the LATTC students to offer them transfer and AA degree attainment within the programs at LATTC. Most of our courses are designed for GED requirements and fall into transfer and AA degree attainment. We do not offer programs just course that tie into IGETC Plan A Plan B CSU and UC transfers. We are currently awaiting final approval at state level for ASL Certificate attainment.

The Language Arts & Humanities department offers courses in

  • Art
  • Humanities
  • Language Arts
    • French
    • Spanish
  • Music
  • Philosophy
  • Speech Communications
  • Theater

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Deirdre McDermott
Department Chairperson, Language Arts & Humanities
Phone: (213) 763-3923 (LAH Office)
Chairperson: (213) 763-3983