Student Testimonials

Certificate in Labor Studies

Photo of Carmen at College Event

Carmen Atencio

Letter Carrier

I’ve gained knowledge.

She says, “that no-one can take away.” For the past 13 years, Letter Carrier Carmen Atencio has taken classes at Trade-Tech. About to earn her A.A. in Labor Studies, she credits the Labor Center for giving her the confidence to help members and build her union.

Certificate in Labor Studies, June 2013

Potrait of Carolyn Jackson

Carolyn Jackson

SEIU Local 721

June 2013

Goals are dreams and dreams come true. If you can think it, you can achieve it. Labor Studies has given me a new look on life.

Certificate in Labor Studies, June 2011

Portrait of Catherine Schafer

Catherine S.

E-Board of UFCW

Local 1428

We need to be communicating to the public about our issues so that when we need public support for a strike or negotiations, it’s not out of the blue.

Certificate in Labor Studies, December 2012

Portrait of Corrine Thomas

Corrine Thomas

UFCW Local 324

I have been taking the LA Trade Tech labor classes that have been offered at my union, these classes are very informative and help our members in the job place. Our instructors incorporate fun into our curriculum that truly makes learning enjoyable.

Certificate in Labor Studies

Portrait of Daniel Cruz

Daniel Cruz

Benefits Department

UFCW Local 1428

I love the interaction with people from other unions. Learning how others do things so I can help our members better.

Certificate in Labor Studies, June 2013

Portrait of Diana Gandara

Diana Gandara

USW Local 7600

Taking these classes will empower you to be stronger with your union and your job.

A.A. in Labor Studies, June 2012

Portrait of Diana Marquez

Diana Marquez

I learned about my own worker’s rights and how to stand up for them. Everyone has had workplace issues and the classes were a safe space to address them. I also gathered a network of support – teachers, other students — that I know will continuously be there for me as I grow as a student. Thank you to all!

Certificate in Labor Studies, June 2010

Portrait of Diane Hacker

Diane Hacker


UFCW Local 1428

I realized how important it was to know the history of unions and the laws protecting workers, she says. Labor Center classes taught me all that and more.

After taking part in the 2003 Southern California supermarket strike, Diane Hacker was eager to learn all she could about the labor movement.

Certificate in Labor Studies, June 2012

Portrait of Dionne Morrissette

Dionne Morrisse

E-Board Member

AFT Local 1521A

The classes equip you with the skills necessary to be more involved in your union and the larger labor movement. You learn how important it is to talk about Labor to everyone, even to your family.

Certificate in Labor Studies, June 2011

Portrait of Jann Whetstone

Jann Whetstone

IBEW Local 11

Labor Studies taught us strategic planning to organize, run and win campaigns to help stop the destruction of unions and the middle class.

Certificate in Labor Studies, December 2012

Portrait of Jeannette Orduna

Jeannette Ordun

Former Organizer

Full Time Student

It’s a really great program, and it’s affordable. I learned a lot from the teachers and students because they care about the Labor Movement.

Certificate in Labor Studies, June 2013

Portrait of Joaquin Miramontes

Joaquin Miramon

Steward, Bargaining

Committee Member

Delegate to the LA County Fed for SEIU Local 721

Labor education is fundamental to the building and the longevity of the Labor Movement.

Certificate in Labor Studies, June 2011

Portrait of Luis Salazar

Luis Salazar


I know I have the heart for social justice work, the classes gave me the tools to work smart — how to do the work and do it well.

Portrait of Mark Woomer

Mark Woomer

Business Agent

Teamsters Local 952

The best part of the program is the teachers who have “hands-on” experience and other students who are from all kinds of unions, so you learn how different unions do things.

Certificate in Labor Studies, June 2012

Portrait of Patrice Smith

Patrice Smith

NALC Branch 24

The Labor Center classes made it possible for me, working with too much on my plate, to be educated. I learned effective public speaking, how to run a committee; really how to be a leader. Thank you.

Certificate in Labor Studies, June 2012

Portrait of Renee Clark

Renee Clark

SEIU Local 721

The labor studies classes changed my life – made me a better person, better educated, I have a better understanding about unions and how things work. I am more knowledgeable about policies, rules and laws than ever before. My co-workers come to me because they know I have the answers.

Certificate in Labor Studies 2010

Portrait of Rudy Corral

Rudy Corral

Labor Organizer

Ventura Federation of Teachers Local 1828

Commuting to Ventura to work, the on-line classes are flexible and the quality is superb. There’s a lot of interaction, even more than in-person classes. You have time to review what you write. The on-line classes REALLY helped my writing.

Certificate in Labor Studies, December 2012

Portrait of Salena Coleman

Salena Coleman


There’s power behind the knowledge we get in the Labor Studies classes. It helps me deal with management because they know that I know what they can and can’t do.

Certificate in Labor Studies, 2009

Portrait of Teddy McKenna

Theodorah McKen


AFSCME Local 2712

License Clinical Social Worker

When I had to step up suddenly to replace a departing president, it was my L.A. Trade-Tech Labor Studies family of instructors and classmates whose support and nuts and bolts know-how helped me grow into my new position, and better serve my members.

A.A. Degree in Labor Studies 2011

Portrait of Turner Roberts

Turner Roberts

You learned what your rights are. The teachers are down to earth, tangible, touchable, they explain what your rights are so you can get them.

Certificate in Labor Studies, December 2012

Portrait of Victoria Frants

Victoria Frantz

UFCW Local 324

My managers know I’ve been taking classes and now graduated. They used to treat me like a peon but now they respect me because they see that I know what I’m doing.

Victoria wasn’t involved at all until she became a Strike Captain in the 03/04 grocery strike and lockout. That Front Line experience inspired and motivated her to get involved, get educated. She became a Steward and recently a Labor Studies Graduate