Technical Help

Adobe Reader is a free software you can download and install on your computer so you can read files which might be in your online class in the PDF format.

Cookie Management in the most popular web browsers, including Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Netscape. Includes directions for both recent and older versions of the software.

Java Scripting must be enabled for Moodle to function optimally on your computer. While this is a default setting on most computers so you should not have to worry about it, this tutorial will show you how to allow Java Scripting on most of the popular browsers available today. If you are not sure if your computer has Java installed, go to the CCC Confer Technical Help page and test it and/or install Java using these three links:

Microsoft PowerPoint Reader is Free and allows you to read any PowerPoint files your instructor might provide for you to download. You do not need to purchase PowerPoint to read files, only to create or make changes to them. Another PowerPoint Reader for both Mac and PC is available from TonicPoint.

Microsoft Word Reader is free and allows you to read any MS Word documents your instructor places in your virtual classroom for downloading. You do not need to purchase MS Word to read the documents, only to make changes or to original new documents. If you are using Mac OS you can search the Microsoft site for a reader for your computer. Another Microsoft Word Reader for Mac, PC and other platforms is available from Antiword.

Pop-up Blocker tutorial – shows how to set the Pop-up blocker on the most popular web browsers. You will need to allow pop-ups in order to use course management software.

Setting Cooking in Internet Explorer provides directions on how to access and manage cookies in the most recent versions of Internet Explorer.