Academic Technology Mission

The Academic Technology unit at Los Angeles Trade Technical College supports the College’s commitment to provide students with high-quality educational opportunities that provide flexibility to meet their life-long learning goals. Therefore, the LATTC Instructional Technology Center seeks to:

  1. Support the vision, mission, goals and academic values of the College;
  2. Provide technology guides, online tutorials, reusable learning objects and self-help for instructional technology;
  3. Support successful technology mediated instruction through training and on-going support;
  4. Assist with on-going research and development for new instructional technologies;
  5. Assist with adherence to laws and regulations regarding such things as ADA 508 compliance, copyright laws, FERPA, and student identification, privacy and safety;
  6. Assist faculty with the development of instructional technology resources, course development, technology applications, teaching resources, and related issues as needed;
  7. Coordinate with other colleges in the district, with the district office, and with the larger educational system to leverage technology, share best practices, and develop new ways to increase student success;
  8. Integrate cloud-based applications with the college learning management software, Canvas, such as Portfolium, NetTutor, Cranium Café, Credly digital badges, and textbook resources, and assist faculty with using them.

  • Public Digital Media Displays
  • Media services for instruction and special events
  • Learning Management System – Canvas – for on campus and distance education courses
  • ePortfolio System – Portfolium for all students and faculty and staff who want to use it
  • LTI integrations with Canvas such as Digital badges, NetTutor, Cranium Café, Curriculum Builder and textbooks
  • Instructional reusable Learning Objects in various video formats for mobile devices, computers, and classroom display.
  • Instructional technology equipment such as Smart boards, audience response system (clickers), digital cameras, Title V equipment
  • College Facebook App – University, previously Integral
  • Student Office 365 email system @student.laccd.edu
  • Faculty Office 365 email system @faculty.laccd.edu
  • Student Help Desk
  • Faculty Help Desk The Academic Technology Unit produces content:
  • Digital public message display content
  • Tutorials in print, video and web formats to train faculty, staff, administrators, and students in how to use the instructional technology equipment.
  • Distance educational materials as needed.
  • Transcription and closed captioning or assists with outside services that do it
  • The Academic Technology Unit provides training on the following topics:
  • Canvas
  • Portfolium
  • Smartboards
  • Creating Reusable Learning Objects
  • iPad tablet use
  • Video production including storyboarding, recording, and editing
  • Digital cameras
  • Audience Response System – Clickers
  • Smart Classroom media controls
  • Media cart use
  • iTunes U content creation and use
  • Web Accessibility and ADA Section 508 Compliance
  • Copyright laws
  • Instructional design for teaching online and hybrid
  • Best practices in the use of instructional technology
  • Digital Badges
  • ConferZoomThe Academic Technology Unit manages:
  • Inventory of Title V grant equipment including computers, laptops, tablets, cameras, audience response system, software licenses, and mobile devices
  • Canvas administration
  • Portfolio administration
  • Digital Badges through Credly
  • College Facebook App administration
  • Video libraries
  • College YouTube account, channels, and content
  • College iTunes U account and content
  • Public Message Board Displays
  • Docsoft
  • NetTutor
  • BurstPoint serverThe Academic Technology Unit does research and development into new instructional technology hardware, software, delivery systems, security, and productivity tools.The Academic Technology Unit thereby impacts and supports faculty, students, administrators, and staff as it relates to instructional technology at LATTC.
  • The Academic Technology Unit supervises the open computer lab in the library.