Student Testimonials

What Our Students are Saying

“Getting this internship came with a lot of benefits which was allowing me to add it to my resume and getting an experience, unlike anything I have ever seen. Having an online internship was a great opportunity to get used to a new workspace which might be how future internships work.”
– Antoine M.

“I have been able to apply the theory I have learned in class and put into practice. As I embark on starting my own business, I have a practical blueprint to follow.”
– Devany S.

“This experience will help me in the future when i get a job that involves talking to other people. All of this I would take in mind and I'm glad that i didn't say no to this internship because i got something out of it.”
– Esgardo S.

“Coop ed is a grand opportunity for a student like me and of age to say its never too late to follow your up most dreams if one is willing to put forth effort in doing so. I am also learning at this point in coop ed to learn and gain more experience toward sharpening skills in my area of gainful employment.”
– Deonsay J.

“Everything is going good in my internship. I am learning many things on how a television program works.”
– Yenice G.

“This particular experience has helped me to become more vocal when I have to solve conflict with others and I am learning more about conflict resolutions in cooperative work experience class.”
– Maria S.

“With all this knowledge I have learned in 16 weeks, it has helped me grow with an open perspective understanding differently about the Food Business besides the technical aspect of baking. What an opportunity. I personally feel more confidence now that I can take on more roles / responsibilities to fill in on any positions the Food Business has to offer.”
– Carlos R.

“This internship has been the perfect step to start exploring the different fields there are, especially for someone like me that is undecided on my major”
– Narly R.

“I am really satisfied with the job that was assigned to me. Now I Know that the medical field is for me seeing all the LVNs, RNs, and the actual doctors and interacting with them going out with them and creating new contacts … I learned so much”
– Cynthia S.

“One of the great things about gaining work experience as a student is that it gives me the chance to try things out to see if they suit me. I wanted to find out what a company is actually like to work for and what doing a certain job is like. Work experience gave me the chance to experience this for the last 2 years at my current job. The personal development I have gained from the work study program is my customer service. I have grown so much when it comes to dealing with people in general.”
– Christopher H.

“I have accomplished everything that I have set to accomplish in my internship. I knew that I like to be involved and make a difference on campus. This internship showed me how it would be to actually work five days a week for a college… This experience really benefited me. I would recommend this class to friend in a heartbeat.”
– David A.

“Work Experience program has remarkably helped me in not just completing my projects, but also has helped me learn a lot how to cooperatively work in a team. I have worked and practiced to help out my colleagues with understanding their objectives and projects, while also learning how to cooperate with team members who share the same goals with me. …Aside from all the information and skills I learned, grew, and developed, I have opened myself to a significant practice of taking this Work Experience course. I am truly grateful to LATTC for providing me with this essential help in my career path with the gained knowledge, hours, and experience of functioning in a working environment.”
– Isman U.

“Am so happy I got the chance to be in this program/job because it made me a better person.”
– Jackie R.

“I have learned new skills that will benefit me in the future and I’m very grateful to work here.”
– Rosie C.

“I thank LATTC for bring[ing] this cooperative work experience ed. … and letting me be able to become a college student and helping me apply for college and showing me everything .. thank you LATTC.”
– Davion E.

“As a student selected for an Internship at Metrolink, I've learned to work in an office environment. Through my experience, I've gained costumer service skills. I've learned how to communicate effectively with upper management.”
– Mabeline GC

“I have learned physical and mental skills.”
– Tyari H.

“I appreciate every opportunity that has been given to me. Through this job I have learn new things and gain knowledge that are going to help me in the long run…It has also helped me to have an open mind of all the challenges that are coming my way that will help me become a better leader with my colleagues.”
– Walter S.

“This internship allowed me to improve my communication skills… This internship also helped me participate in the act of giving back to my community… Overall, this internship experience helped me grow in the professional world because I acquired more experience.”
– Jocelyn S.

“During this working months I have seen so much capability in me and how strong I’ve become…I felt like quitting but I never gave up so as I go along… I learned to always follow your dreams always do your best and never give up.”
– Marisol E.

“I’m really grateful for this project because working here had taught me a lot about myself, how to communicate and how to be a leader.”
– Tomas L.

“I enjoyed this opportunity to be apart of what I believe will be become a great program for years to come.”
– Andrea S.

“I’ve learned how to develop professional work ethic through this program. I am looking forward to continue this program for the summer and fall. I have taken my potential to a whole new level that I never imagined possible. This program has taught me many skills and qualities that I learned about myself.”
– Alex H.

“I want to give thanks to cwee [Cooperative Work Experience Education] for giving me the opportunity to get college credit for showing up to work.”
– Javier V.

“I’ve learned how school can help me better my future and understanding the importance of having a better education…This job/program gave me new goals for myself as well as knowledge about wanting to continue school for a better future.”
– Ana A.

“My work experience has made me grow in knowledge as well as understanding my career in many different ways. In the past two years many of my classes have work in unison with my Internship from Sewing, Sketching, Math and many of the computer classes. Both my school and the work I have done in my internship have helped me gain and understanding of the apparel Industry and How Fashion Design goes side by side… My whole concept of the apparel industry has changed so much since I have been doing my internship and has helped me in understanding how I want my future in the fashion Industry to be.”
– Willy C.

“My work experience has helped me facilitate my learning, growth, and development by having the opportunity to become a great leader, a good listener, a better communicator, and gain the ability to verbally, mentally, and emotionally understand all the requirements to perform many assignments or tasks.. My program at LATTC, and work experience will help me with my career goals because I can utilize my education knowledge I’ve learned over the past years, and the experiences I’ve gained to help prepare and guide me straight towards my career goal.”
– Dajauna M.

“Thank you for the great semester, I truly learned a lot during the internship, and was lucky enough to be invited back next semester as well.”
– John G.

“This internship has really boosted up my level of communication, especially with improved Spanish vocabulary. “
– Jazmin T.

“Working at good Samaritan has been an amazing experience. It has shown and continues to show me that I'm taking the correct path for my future.”
– Jasmin S.

“This job helped me furthermore expand my resume; it gave me new experiences to add…Although I had many difficulties with this job it was an experience that was worth going through and experience that brought me happiness.”
– Christopher V.

“My time here at LA Metro has been both a tremendous learning experience as well as an enjoyable way to spend part of my summer”
– Rick M.

“This summer internship was an incredible learning experience that will certainly make it easier for me to adjust to the real world once I graduate”
– Alyzsa T.

“Working with kids is hard and through this experience I’ve learned how to work with different types of kids, like those who are rude and shy… This experience has helped me be more patient with kids.”
– Monica. L.

“I know this experience will help me in the future to find a job faster due to already having the knowledge ...I would love to work with St. Johns Clinic again in the future if I am giving the opportunity to do so.”
– Jazmin N.

“I adopted skills that would prepare me for any job, school/college, and life in general… These skills that I have acquired throughout my internship truly have helped build my character in a professional environment and on a personal level.”
– Ariana R.