Employer Testimonials

What Our Industry Partners are Saying

“Thank you for the opportunity to host the class during Summer sessions. We’ve all had a blast learning together…we’d really like to continue this course during Fall and Spring at LATTC”
– D. Hargreaves, US Green Build Council

“Thank you for the collaboration and partnership that your organization has provided to support the professional development of our Summer interns. More importantly, thank you for… providing continuing educational units for the training provided as part of their cooperative education at Metro. It is exciting to know that the students will be receiving college credits that can be applied to the Cal State System.”
– M. Colston, Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority

“You all are really getting a leg up above anybody else because you are part of this program that is really setting you up for success. And I really hope that all of you will continue to take advantage of all the career offerings that they have because what they’re doing is really really incredible and I’m so honored to be a part of it”.
– A. Casler, Nickelodeon

“Being able to provide the Martin Bros. High School Summer interns college credit, is a game changer for any internship program. These students are not only gaining valuable job experience, but they are going into college with credit for it. Being able to provide college credit validates the direction we are taking our program and we are always looking for opportunities to impact the communities we build in.”
– ​H. Powen, Martin Bros.

“Even when things were slow on the Social Media side, [he] was very adamant about learning as much as he could - whether it be production, live streaming, event help or social impression analysis. I'd also like to say, as someone who has worked in the gaming industry for 6+ years, that it was extremely refreshing to be around [him], given his enthusiasm for this line of work. Passion is a lot more of a commodity in the entertainment industry than you'd think!”
– A. Baker, Machinima

“She is on top of her work and makes sure to get everything done when necessary…she has learned different areas of music publishing and clearly shows an interest in the work that is done here. We appreciate her enthusiasm and eagerness to learn.“
– M. Lanzotti, Sony/ATV Music Publishing

“Everything is going well. The students are completing the work and it is looking great.
They have been getting a lot of experience using the equipment needed to reach the areas they are painting.”
– J. Aguilar, LATTC

“She has demonstrated that she understands the company's core values and has been able to pitch ideas for digital designs and illustrations…After having been able to pitch ideas/concepts for the Brand department, she has also been a part of meetings that allow for creative and professional growth.”
– S. Smith, MACRO

“This program is a great opportunity for American students! We already have several American students doing their internships in Spain and they are telling us this is one of the most exciting experiences they have ever lived.”
– A. Baiget Viale, Live It Out

“Yesterday we went to the restaurant where [he] is doing his internship. He is very happy and learning a lot! Please, check the video I am sending to you!”
– A. Baiget Viale, Live It Out

“We’ve been able to get through a ton of work and have moved through all of the planned projects seamlessly.”
– Z. Culp, Sony/ATV Music Publishing

“Thank you for your support through this first round of CWEE. I know we learned a lot and look forward to working together in the future.”
– R. Lopez, John Muir Charter School

“On behalf of the students at USC East, I'd like to thank you for making this connection with our school”
– D. Helena, USC East College Prep