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Next Up – Foster Youth

Cooperating Agencies Foster Youth Educational Support Program (CAFYES) now called NEXT UP, is a supplemental component of EOPS that specifically assists EOPS students, who are current or former foster youth, by offering support services that are in addition to those provided by EOPS. The purpose of NEXT UP is to support the higher education success, health and well-being of former foster youth who are enrolled in community college. Every NEXT UP student is a student who meets the eligibility for both programs.

Who is eligible for Next Up?

  • Active EOPS student
    • Next Up students may be enrolled in 9 units at the time of acceptance (not 12 units) into EOPS
    • DSPS students may enroll in less units per semester with verification from DSPS
  • Current or former foster youth in California whose dependency was established or continued by the court on or after the youth’s 16th
  • No older than 25 years of age at the commencement of any academic year in which he/she participates in NEXT UP

How to Join Next Up

  • Be an active EOPS student
  • Fill out a NEXT UP application and additional forms once already admitted to the EOPS program
  • Attend a mandatory NEXT UP orientation
  • Provide documentation of foster youth dependency by providing one of the following
  • Provide one of the following documents to verify foster dependency status
    • Verification in writing from the county child welfare agency or
    • Verification in writing from county independent living program or
    • Verification in writing from the county probation agency or
    • Verification in writing (form) from the California Department of Social Services Foster Care Ombudsman

NEXT UP Program Services in Addition to EOPS Services

  • Monthly meal tickets to use at school cafeteria
  • Additional book grant
  • Cash grants
  • Backpack & Supplies
  • NEXT UP specific counselor
  • Counseling 20 class
  • Specialized Workshops
  • Housing and Transportation Referrals
  • Field Trips
  • NEXT UP lounge

Students admitted into the NEXT UP program age out at the age of 26 years old, however, remain eligible for EOPS until they complete 70 degree applicable units (100 for high unit major) or participate in EOPS six (6) consecutive semesters whichever comes later.

Next Up Team

Next Up team is comprised of:

  • Maggie Cordero – Interim Dean, Student Affairs
  • Angelica Hermosillo – Next Up Counselor
  • Cristian Vargas – Next Up Coordinator
  • Next Up Program Assistants

For more information on the Next Up program, please visit the Extended Opportunities Programs & Services (EOPS) located in Administration/Services Building, E5-416 or call (213) 763-7117 or (213) 763-7097

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