Continuing Veteran Students

Checklist for Continuing Students with VA Benefits

  1. Log on to your student portal, Peoplesoft Student Portal, check your enrollment appointment date and time
  2. Enroll in classes during your appointment date and time. Be sure that the classes you select come directly from your approved Veterans academic educational plan. If you do not have an approved Veterans academic educational plan, please schedule an appointment with the Veterans Resource Center (VRC) Counselor.
    1. Fill out a Certification Form
    2. If you add or drop any classes listed on your Certification Form, please inform LATTC VRC via email at Failure to report drops may result in garnished VA payments.
    3. Schedule an appointment with a Veterans counselor and submit your Certification Form
  3. Apply for Financial Aid every academic year. Normal start of the application period is October of each year for the following academic year
    1. Go to the FAFSA website, select "Start Here" to log in and you will be given the option to complete a FAFSA Renewal that has much of your application data from last year
    2. You will need your Federal Student Aid PIN to access your FAFSA on the web application. If you have forgotten your PIN, you can request a duplicate once you login
    3. Remember to apply before your deadlines. Select "Deadlines" on the FAFSA Website for specific deadline information
    4. If you have questions about your FAFSA, online help is available. Visit the FAFSA website and click the "Browse Help" feature on the FAFSA home page for answers to frequently asked questions and for additional information about the FAFSA process

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