Housing Resources

If you are currently experiencing homelessness, the Basic Needs Department will assist with referrals to agencies that may be able to assist you. Please fill out the intake form and you will be emailed or called to discuss assistance.

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The following is also available for you to call for help.

Addition Housing Resources

For individuals:
Shelter Hotline: 1-(800) 548-6047
TDD: 1-(800) 660-4026 (for the deaf and hearing disabled)
Hours Open: Daily After 5pm
If you need emergency shelter, free transportation is provided. Please call the shelter hotline for a list of pick-up points.

For Families:
Call 211 or visit https://www.211la.org/

For the general public:
Hotline: (213) 225-6581
Hours Open: Monday through Friday 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
LHASA’s Emergency Response Team offers:
1. Direct emergency services and transportation.
2. Referrals to shelter for homeless families, adults, and youth.
3. Outreach services.

Location: 5101 S. Broadway, 1st. floor
Los Angeles 90037
Phone: (213) 252-0772 or (323) 232-9000

Location: 2330 Beverly Blvd Los Angeles
(213) 744-0724

Location: 5600 Rickenbacker Road, Bell 90201
Phone: (323) 263-1206

Location: 303 E. 5th Street Los Angeles
Phone: (213) 629-1227

Location: 231 Winston St. Los Angeles
Phone: (213) 229-9963

Location: 601 S. San Pedro St. Los Angeles
Phone: (213) 624-9258

Location: 171 S. Gless Street Los Angeles
Phone: (323) 881-0032

Location: 13422 Saticoy, N. Hollywood
Phone: (818) 785-4476

Location: 1208 Pleasant Ave. Los Angeles
Phone: (323) 260-8035

Location: 135 N. Park View St., LA
Phone: (213) 487-9804

Location: 3804 Broadway Pl. Los Angeles
Phone: (323) 231-1711

Location: 545 S. San Pedro St. Los Angeles
Phone: (213) 347-6300

Location: 412 S. Raymond Ave, Pasadena
Phone: (626) 240-4550

Location: 2330 Beverly Blvd. Los Angeles
Phone: (213) 744-0724

If you are in need of apartments and low-income listings, we encourage you all to click on the LAcounty.gov | Housing list. After clicking on the link, you will be prompt to the L.A. County listings where you input your desired zip code and you will have listings within the region.