F-1 Concurrent Enrollment

LATTC international students

You can with permission of ISC Coordinator/Counselor enroll in one 3-unit class (out of their 12 units) at another college or university (i.e. you must maintain at least 9 of your units at LATTC). Read below for more details:

  1. For concurrent enrollment WITHIN our district, L.A. Community College District, you need to see the ISC coordinator to get cleared for enrollment. You will not need to complete an application, or provide proof of your registration and successful course completion since we have access to your academic records in any of our 9 colleges.
  2. For concurrent enrollment OUTSIDE of our district, you will need to get a permission letter from the International Student Center to take to the other college. Make sure to check for a list of documents that that college may require before you register. You must provide us with the proof of enrollment at the beginning of the semester, and an official transcript once your grade is posted. Failure to do so will jeopardize your F-1/I-20 status.

Non-LACCD Students

If you are a non-LACCD student interested in enrolling in a class at LATTC, you will need to submit the following documents:

  1. Permission letter from your college’s international student office stating that you are allowed to enroll at our college.
  2. Complete the online application for our college LATTC Student Application
  3. Pay the $50 application fee
  4. Submit a copy of your I-20
  5. Have a set of official transcripts in a sealed envelope for clearing any pre-requisites for the class you are intending to enroll in.