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LIFT-Los Angeles

All of LIFT’s services are completely free and available in both English and Spanish! The criteria for becoming a LIFT member is:

  • Be a parent or caregiver of a child eight or under (expecting parents and parents without current custody of their children are included)
  • Have stable housing for the next six months
  • Employed or in an education program
  • Available and interested in coaching
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Parents find LIFT through a trusted community partner

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Parents work with LIFT coaches who provide support on career, education and finances

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Parents and coaches connect virtually and in-person

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With their coach, parents build a Goal Action Plan and meet monthly to make progress toward their goals

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LIFT provides funds to meet emergency needs and support long-term goals

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LIFT connects parents to a broader community of LIFTers, including peers and volunteer mentors

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LIFT provides access to curated local resources and partnerships

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After two years, parents graduate from LIFT with the skills, connections and hope they need to start planning for a brighter future

LIFT - Los Angeles


1910 Magnolia Ave., Suite 404
Los Angeles, CA 90007


Phone: (213) 744-9468
Fax: (213) 748-3261