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Should I Wait and Transfer for a Later Term or Reapply?

There are many factors to consider when deciding whether to delay your transfer. First you need to be clear about what your top priority is so you can examine the options that your chosen priority provides. Is your top priority starting at a four-year university as soon as possible or attending a specific university even if this means a delay in my transfer to a university? 

My top priority is starting at a four-year university experience as soon as possible.

  • Action Plan  - Review the information found at the  I'm Not Admitted, Now What? page and decide if you are going to accept another university's offer of admission or apply to universities that are still accepting applications for the next academic term.

My top priority is attending a specific university even if this means a delay in my transfer to the university.

  • In order to make a sound decision about delaying your transfer and reapplying to your first choice university you need to identify and examine why you are so committed to only one university. Complete the My One and Only University worksheet to gain a better understanding of what is motivating you and if you want to maintain your commitment to that university.

You also need to understand why you were denied and determine if by staying longer at LATTC you can meet the admission requirements/selection criteria so you can be assured admission. If you are considering reapplying to a university that has a Transfer Admission Guarantee (TAG) or has clearly defined admission requirements, then it could be worth the time investment to delay your transfer if it is possible with more courses/units  you can meet the stated admission requirements.  You should complete the Why I was Denied Admission Worksheet and then review the Denied Admission Scenarios, Action Plans, and Risks information sheet for a better understanding of your options.

If you are considering reapplying to a selective university that does not have a set of specific requirements that will guarantee your admission then you are taking a huge risk that you will be denied again. You need to determine if you are comfortable with that risk.


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