Campus Alert: Tropical Storm Hilary

August 20, 2023


Update (8/20/23, 7:42 pm): Please note that all campus in-person services will be moved to remote assistance. Services are expected to resume in-person on Tuesday, August 22.


Hurricane Hilary is expected to move over the southwestern U.S. and parts of California on Sunday and into early next week. The storm is projected to bring strong winds, heavy rainfall, and potential flooding. Please know that the college has been diligently monitoring and assessing the situation as it relates to our campus and its safety and will continue to do so in the days ahead.  

For your safety,

  • Monitor updates from local authorities, the National Weather Service and relevant emergency management agencies to stay informed about the hurricane's trajectory and potential impacts.
  • Listen to all emergency communication channels to stay informed about the storm and any necessary actions.
  • Stock up on emergency supplies, including water, non-perishable food, medical kits, and other essentials, in case the storm disrupts normal services.
  • Be prepared for potential power outages by charging phones, laptops, and other power supply instruments. Keep a flashlight handy with available batteries.

Please be reminded of LACCD Safety Alert, the District’s emergency notification system. Current students should ensure their contact information is up to date in their Student Portal to receive important emergency notifications.

Local emergency notification resources are also available through the city of Los Angeles via the NotifyLA system which can send alerts via email, phone, and/or text.