Supply Water and Waste Water Technology

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Program Overview

Projected retirements of existing operators and expansion of the industry will fuel the demand for occupations in Supply Water Distribution. The net result of these shifts will be increased openings for personnel in all areas: plant operations, distribution/collection field maintenance, administration, customer service, line supervision, meter readers, engineers, and plant maintenance.

The Water Systems Technology program at LATTC offers students a choice of two concentrations within water systems industry:

  • WASTEWATER OPTION offers courses focusing on preliminary, primary, secondary, and tertiary treatment systems as well as disinfection methods, solids treatment, and solids and effluent disposal practices.
  • SUPPLY WATER OPTION offers courses focused on the operation and design of water systems, wells, pumps and meters; water treatment for potable water; and technical phases of automatic controls, including power and code considerations

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Construction, Maintenance & Utilities Pathway (CMU)

Program Learning Outcomes (PLOs)

Alum working in the Supply Water Industry

Program Details

Award Title Award Type Required Course Units Total Major Units GE Units
Supply Water and Waste Water Technology C 30 30  
Water Systems Technology - Supply Water Technology AS 21 30 21
Water Systems Technology–Wastewater Technology AS 21 30 21