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Program Overview

Microcomputer Technician PDF

Students can acquire the basic skills and knowledge to earn the Microcomputer Technician Associate in Science Degree / Certificate of Achievement, in the Electronics Department. This program will not only prepare students for an award, but will also prepare them for the A+ Certification exam, and help them prepare for the Cisco Certified Networking Associate (CCNA).

By fulfilling the program requirements, students are able to format a computer, install the operating system, and install all the necessary drivers. Students will be able to successfully configure and create a network system consisting of a number of computers all for employment in a field related to microcomputer technician.

Program Learning Outcomes (PLOs)

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Program Details

Award Title Award Type Required Course Units Total Major Units GE Units
Microcomputer Technician AS 42 42 21
Microcomputer Technician C 42 42  

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