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Advanced Transportation and Manufacturing Pathway

Program Overview

Formerly Diesel and Related Technology

If you live in the United States, almost every single thing you eat, wear or use has been transported by diesel powered vehicles and alternative/green power plants.
New EPA/CARB regulations have impacted the fuel technology and energy source/design used. Trucks, trains, buses and many other medium and heavy duty vehicles have evolved to match today’s more stringent clean air emission standards. Graduates of the Diesel Technology program are well paid and have a diverse choice of areas in which to specialize. In recent years, the demand from local employers has exceeded our supply of qualified graduates as the program continues to grow.

After successful completion of the program requirements, students will become proficient in all aspects of diesel engine fundamentals, electrical components, fuel systems, overhaul procedures, air brake system and the construction and operation of diesel engines.

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Advanced Transportation & Manufacturing Pathway (ATM)

Contract and Continued Training

In addition to our regular curriculum, we offer contract education and continued training for journey level technicians who wish to update their skills in the latest technology available. These additional classes include Periodic Smoke Inspection Certification, Southern California Regional Transit Training Consortium classes, and Eaton Transmission Factory Certified Training.

Program Learning Outcomes (PLOs)

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Program Details

Award Title Award Type Required Course Units Total Major Units GE Units
Heavy Duty Truck, Transit, and Equipment AS 45 45 21
Heavy Duty Truck, Transit, and Equipment C 45 45  

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