Summer 2021 Calendar

Summer 2021 Semester Dates
Session Period Jun 14, 2021 - Aug 29, 2021
Special Registration Hours: N/A
Applications Accepted Beginning Now
Finals Last day of class
Registration Begins
PRIORITY (Tier 1)*:
EOP&S, DSPS, Veterans, Foster Care Youth, CalWorks
April 12
PRIORITY (Tier 2)*:
Athletes, Promise, Completion
April 15
Continuing & New Students - Fully Matriculated* April 19 - April 30
Students Who Have NOT Fully Matriculated / Lost Priority Starts May 3
High School - K-12 special admits Starts May 10
Open Enrollment Starts May 10
*Matriculation activities cutoff for Priority Registration is April 26, 2021
Residency Determination Date Jun 13
Last Day To/For
Recency Petitions N/A
Pass/No Pass June 21
Third Attempt Petitions N/A
Grades due Five working days after last day of semester
Prerequisite Clearance/Challenge Petitions N/A
Online: Jun 14-20 With a Permission # from the instructor
Begins on Monday, June 21
Drop without fees or get a refund Please see schedule
Drop without a "W" Please see schedule
Drop with a "W" Please see schedule
Graduation Petition Accepted Jun 14 - Aug 29

NOTE: ACT Weekend courses and other accelerated program classes have different deadlines. Please check with your instructor.

Summer 2021: Holidays
Independence Day July 5
Non-Instruction Days August 28 & 29