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Faculty & Staff

Full LATTC Faculty Contact List PDF

Full Time Faculty

  • Dr. Julieta Aguilar, Instructor, Biology
  • Dr. Cynthia Ashby, Instructor, Nursing - Nursing Assistant Director
  • Ms. Tanith Barcroft, Instructor, Nursing
  • Dr. Phyllis Braxton, Counselor - Pathway Counselor
  • Dr. Stephen Brown, Instructor, Nursing
  • Dr. Maggie Davis-Kendrick, Instructor, Nursing
  • Ms. Linda Delzeit, Instructor, Health and Kinesiology
  • Ms. Cherie Forsha, Instructor, Nursing
  • Dr. Angela Gee, Instructor, Biology - HRS Chair (Biological Sciences, Health, Kinesiology, Health Occupations)
  • Dr. Angelina Hernandez-Carretero, Instructor, Biology
  • Mrs. Paula Moorefield, Instructor, Nursing - Nursing Director/Chair
  • Mr. Dimitri Lagos, Instructor, Health and Kinesiology
  • Dr. Marissa Pantastico-Caldas, Instructor, Biology
  • Mr. Joseph Ratcliff, Instructor, Health and Kinesiology
  • Dr. Rosalie Villora, Instructor, Nursing
  • Mr. Matthew Wilson, Instructor, Nursing
  • Mr. Ricky Wong, Instructor, Biology

Part Time Faculty

  • Dr. Sulaiman Abdulmalek, Adjunct Instructor, Biology
  • Mr. Blasius Agum, Adjunct Instructor, Nursing
  • Mr. Christopher Aono-Hernando, Adjunct Instructor, Health Occupations
  • Ms. Ezioma Azuibuke, Adjunct Instructor, Nursing
  • Dr. Ali Baroon, Adjunct Instructor, Health Occupations
  • Ms. Dyana Bradley, Adjunct Instructor, Health Occupations
  • Dr. Ronald Bryan, Adjunct Instructor, Biology
  • Mr. Jino De Castro, Adjunct Instructor, Kinesiology
  • Ms. Maria Dudley, Adjunct Instructor, Nursing
  • Ms. Terry Esparza, Adjunct Instructor, Health Occupations
  • Dr. Olu Gbonegun, Adjunct Instructor, Biology
  • Ms. Kalimba Harris, Adjunct Instructor, Biology
  • Ms. Leslie Holland, Adjunct Instructor, Health Occupations
  • Ms. Octavia Hyacinth, Adjunct Instructor, Nursing
  • Ms. Deborah Jenkinson, Adjunct Instructor, Nursing
  • Ms. Vanessa Kibe, Adjunct Instructor, Nursing
  • Dr. Olivia Kim, Adjunct Instructor, Biology
  • Dr. Graves King, Adjunct Instructor, Health
  • Mr. Jonathan Lee, Adjunct Instructor, Nursing
  • Dr. Jerry Liu, Adjunct Instructor, Biology
  • Mr. Brandon MacDonald, Adjunct Instructor, Biology
  • Mr. Adam Majewski, Adjunct Instructor, Biology
  • Mr. Mike Mayfield, Adjunct Instructor, Kinesiology
  • Ms. Roshell McKevie, Counselor - Pathway Counselor
  • Ms. Luminita Mesesan, Adjunct Instructor, Nursing
  • Dr. Anahid Mirzatoni, Adjunct Instructor, Biology
  • Mr. Joseph O'Leary, Adjunct Instructor, Health Occupations
  • Mr. Bruce Olsen, Adjunct Instructor, Biology
  • Mr. Brian Pfiffner, Adjunct Instructor, Kinesiology
  • Dr. Angela Pinto, Adjunct Instructor, Health Occupations
  • Dr. JoAnn Roberts, Adjunct Instructor, Biology
  • Ms. Angel Rodriques, Counselor - Pathway Counselor
  • Mr. Cody Russell, Adjunct Instructor, Biology
  • Mr. Geoffrey Skarr, Adjunct Instructor, Kinesiology
  • Dr. Soha Sobhanian, Adjunct Instructor, Biology
  • Ms. Trina Speach, Adjunct Instructor, Nursing
  • Ms. Sasa Stojic, Adjunct Instructor, Kinesiology
  • Dr. Sally Sullivan, Adjunct Instructor, Health
  • Ms. Bindu Thomas, Adjunct Instructor, Nursing
  • Mr. Daniel Thomas, Adjunct Instructor, Biology
  • Dr. Brittany Ulrich, Adjunct Instructor, Biology
  • Mr. Mike Wagenbach, Adjunct Instructor, Health
  • Mr. Eleftherios Zarpas, Adjunct Instructor, Health Occupations


  • Mr. Brian Battams, Instructional Assistant, Nursing
  • Ms. Cartis (CeCe) Blevins, Physical Activities / Athletics Assistant
  • Ms. Tracy Hale-White, HRS Pathway Secretary (Biological Sciences, Health, Health Occupations, Kinesiology)
  • Mr. Manuel Robles, Biology Laboratory Technician
  • Ms. Maria Relosa R.N., Nursing Simulation Technician
  • Ms. Angel Rodriques, Nursing Secretary

Career Opportunities

Pursue a career as an automotive technician, air conditioning mechanic, automotive electrician, transmission specialist, brake repairer, engine repairer, front-end or tune-up mechanic. Work in dealerships or repair shops or start your own business.

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  • Build and update your résumé to highlight your key skills and job experience

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