Basic Skills Courses and GED Preparation


The GED® General Educational Diploma a test that measures the skills that students need to succeed. The test focuses on the foundational knowledge and skills needed for career- and college-readiness. Our program will help you prepare to pass the GED® test so you can have the skills to excel on the job or in the classroom. Our preparation courses will prepare you in the 4 areas of GED®, Reasoning in Language Arts, Reasoning in Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies. These courses can be taken at your own pace. When adequately prepared, we will give students FREE GEDReady Vouchers, and a Test Vouchers so they can take the GED® test.
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Basic Skills Courses

Our Basic Skills course help to prepare you for the GED® test, to enhance your skills for upper level English and Mathematic courses, and for the TEAS Nursing Preparation test. We also provide courses in Basic Computer Skills to help you improve your knowledge in basic computer programs such as Word and Excel and access to programs such as CANVAS and Peoplesoft.

Our Basic Skills Classes

Basic Skills 02CE – English
Basic Skills 023CE – Science, Social Studies, TEAS
Basic Skills 035 CE – Mathematics
Basic Skills 060 CE – Basic Computer Skills