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LATTC Logos for Your Web Page
LATTC Technology Committee

When building your web site, the LATTC "Door of opportunity" logo should appear in the top area of your web pages. Click on the logo you wish to use and you will be linked to a page of the same logo in a variety of sizes. In order to use these logos on your web site, you must copy the image to your hard drive. The numbers under each logo is its size in pixel width. If you can not find a suitable size for your needs, contact the webmaster and we can prepare a logo to fit your needs.

For navigation purposes, the logo should be used as a back link to the LATTC web site. This will allow the site viewer to return to the home page without using the back button to cycle through several screens. The help menu in your web tool will have directions. In addition, you should have an alt file, which would say, "Link to LATTC Home Page" for 508 compliency.

If you need assistance in these operations, please contact the webmaster for assistance.

Link to new picture logo.
Link to picture logo.
Link to 2 color logos.
February 10, 2006