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Faculty & Staff Development
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The Staff Development Coordinator can be contacted in a variety of ways:
  • email: Lorraine Megowan
  • Phone: 213-763-3971
  • Mailroom mailboxes: Lorraine Megowan or Staff Development
  • Join the Staff Development Listserve and receive emails on upcoming events and technology-related matters. Send email to Linda Delzeit-McIntyre if you want to be added.

Staff Development Committee
Lorraine Megowan, Chair

  • Shoushan Baklayan, CIS
  • Mary Bates, Admissions & Records
  • Helen Beaird, Student Employment
  • Cathy Brinkman, Title V
  • Renatta Buscaglia, Spanish
  • Linda Delzeit, Physical Education/Athletics
  • Teresa Grenot, Library
  • Jon Lester, Electrical Const & Maint.
  • Sherryanne Lim, Learning Skills
  • Roberto Mancia, English
  • Joe Messinger, Administration
  • Rodrigo Palacios, Spanish/French
  • Larry Pogoler, Electrical Const & Maint.
  • Joe Ratcliff, Physical Education/Athletics
  • Patrick Reed, Media Services
  • Alicia Rodriquez-Estrada, History
  • Janet Sanchez, Bookstore
  • Rita Weingourt, Nursing & Health


April 21, 2008