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SARS-CALL (Scheduling and Reporting System) – SARS-CALL is an integrated automated telephone confirmation and notification system. This system has been utilized at LATTC since August, 2006. We have had the opportunity to contact thousands of students with specific messages related to attendance and unique services offered by the college. The following groups of students have been contacted using this system:

  1. August 16-23 - The SARS-CALL System called 9,411 students who enrolled last school year and as of August 1 st had not enrolled. (Kyle Skinner recorded the voice message).

  2. August 31st –September 9th - The SARS-CALL System called over 7,000 students who had enrolled for the Fall Semester. (President “Chip” Chapdelaine recorded the voice message).

SARS-CALL Schedule - in progress and upcoming call schedule:

  1. September 12 – 19 - EOPS Program is calling all students enrolled as of Sept 11 th with a message about available funds for book-service for eligible students. (Sheila Tishler recorded the voice message).

  2. September 20– 23 - P. E. Department – message was sent to on-line-students enrolled in classes using etudes and moodle course management software. Number of students to be called: 1,060. ( Joe Ratcliff recorded the message)

  3. October 13 – 15 – EARLY ALERT message will be sent to all students currently enrolled. (voice message has not been identified).
Please use the following guidelines and protocol when using SARS-CALL:

I. Faculty and Staff

• If you are interested in calling a group of students with a specific message, please obtain approval first from your department chair or activity supervisor.

II. Department Chairs Managers Supervisors and Program Directors

• When messages are approved by the department chair, manager, supervisor or program director, please obtain final approval from your Dean.

III. Academic and Student Services Deans

• Deans must approve all messages from department chairs, supervisors, managers and program directors. When approval is granted, Deans or Vice Presidents (when appropriate) will send the file to Theda Douglas.

• When the file is received, Theda will send an appointment date, time and location to you to ecord the message. Deans will forward the information to the appropriate staff

Please use the following procedures when preparing to use SARS-CALL:

  1. Identify the population and/or grouping of students you would like to receive a SARS-CALL Message.
  2. Submit a file with the following: last name, first name and telephone numbers of the group you are calling.
  3. Messages/script should be from 30-45 seconds.
  4. Identify a person who has an appropriate voice to record the message.
  5. The appointment date to record your message will be sent to your Dean and the Dean will notify the appropriate person..
  6. Please submit a SARS-CALL Request Form with the information requested.
September 27, 2006