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Office of the President A Message from the President

Dr. Roland "Chip" Chapdelaine, President
M. Drummond, Vice President, Academic Affairs
R. Castillo, Vice President, Student Services
C. Roth, Vice President, Administration

R. Chung, Executive Assistant (Confidential)


A. M. Salazar, Administrative Secretary

  • Student Worker
L. Royal-Burnett, Compliance Officer (Confidential)
D. Ysais, Public Relations Specialist

R. Romo, Senior Secretary

  • Student Worker
  J. Messinger, Web Designer
  Graphic Artist, (Future Position)

Grand Theater, Technical Assistant, (Future Position)

  • Student Worker, (Future Position)
  S. Schoonover, Office Assistant
  B. Stephenson, Office Assistant
M. Wheeler, Associate Dean, Research & Planning
  R. Estroff, Research Analyst
Reports to College President

Reports to above Supervisor

  • Reports to above Supervisor
August 23, 2007