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Frequently Asked Questions
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Does the exemption apply to all students, including our international students (i.e., those students here on F-1 visas) and students taking online courses from overseas?

Yes, the exemption applies to all nonresident students taking six units or less, including students who are residents of other states, international students, students taking online courses, and special admit students.

International students here on F-1 visas are required by federal regulations to take a full-time load (i.e., 12 units or more) during the standard semesters. As such, in the majority of cases, the new Board Rule will not affect them and they will be required to pay the nonresident tuition fee. However, federal regulations allow for F-1 students to take a reduced course load if they are finishing up their studies or because of medical emergencies. F-1 students also are not required by the federal regulations to take 12 units if they take opt to take courses during the winter intersession or summer session. If F-1 students are taking six units or less because of the foregoing reasons, they will be exempt from the nonresident tuition fee.

With respect to nonresident students taking courses exclusively online, the nonresident tuition exemption applies if they are taking six units or less.

November 26, 2007