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LATTC Educational Master Plan

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The following section describes the current curriculum and services of Los Angeles Trade Technical College. It also contains enrollment projections by department or area and projected needs for facilities, equipment and personnel.

The process used to develop these projections began with a meeting of department chairs and deans. A draft of the survey to be used was reviewed and revised to fit the needs of the departments. Subsequently, surveys were distributed to all departments and units in the college, and faculty and staff were asked to fill out the survey. Overall enrollment projections for the college were provided as a basis for planning.

Results of the survey were reviewed by administrators in each area and transferred to the consultants, who provided a first draft for review. Subsequently, a second draft was prepared. Next, discussions were held with the President and Vice Presidents of Instruction, Student Services and Administrative Services. The final drafts of these sections were prepared based on all information gathered, including special program needs, program elimination plans, the college's average class size goal and recommendations made by the executive team (the President and Vice Presidents).

Academic Affairs projections of the numbers of faculty and class sections are based on input from all the sources mentioned. In each case, the current class size or average class size goal was used, sometimes with the result that numbers of faculty and/or staff required to conduct a program were changed. In some cases, special requirements for class sizes were taken into account.

Administrative and Student Services areas also were reviewed with the executive team and their recommendations were used to make necessary revisions.