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Physical Plant
Bill Smith

Bill Smith, Director of College Facilities

  • T. Yanes, Assistant Administrative Analyst
  • E. Patterson, Office Assistant

VACANT, General Foreman

  • A. Galindo, Machinist
  • J. King , Locksmith
  • P. Penner, Carpenter
  • D. Thomas, Carpenter
  • G. Reinhard, Maintenance Assistant

N. Gergis, Occupational Safety Specialist

B. Purser, General Foreman

  • R. De Leon, HVAC Technician
  • H. Dixon, HVAC Technician
  • D. McKernan, HVAC Technician
  • J. Kochiyama, Plumber
  • F. Sosa, Maintenance Assistant
  • L. McDowell, Maintenance Assistant (Pool)

B. Bell, Stock Control Supervisor

  • J. Martinez, Stock Control Assistant

K. Morera, General Foreman

  • S. Anderson, Electronics Technician
  • K. Draper, Electrician
  • A. Ochoa, Electrician
  • D. Poitras, Electrician
  • M. Rodriguez, Painter
  • K. Robe, Painter
  • A. Lopez, Painter
  • F. Rodriguez, Maintenance Assistant
  • F. Cendejas, Automotive Mechanic

L. Hashimu, Shift Custodial Supervisor (B Shift)

  • L.C. Funchess, Custodian
  • J. Johnson, Custodian
  • L. Abdullah, Custodian
  • R. Martin, Custodian
  • M. Rankins, Custodian

C. Stephens, Custodial Supervisor (A shift)

  • T. Marshall, Custodian
  • C. Ruffin Custodian
  • J. Akwaboah, Custodian
  • S. Nettles, Custodian
  • S. White, Custodian
  • J. Johnson, Custodian
  • J. Thomas, Custodian
  • R. Smith, Custodian
  • M. Black, Custodian
  • L. Williams, Custodian
  • R. Bruce, Custodian
  • C. Blevins, Custodian
  • R. Aguirre, Custodian
  • T. Carter, Custodian
  • A. Hayes, Custodian
  • H. Bracy, Custodian
  • M. Brandon, Custodian

D. Dumas, Custodial Supervisor (A shift)

  • C. Jones, Custodian
  • E. Morrison, Custodian
  • C. Williams, Custodian
  • A. Bramlett, Custodian

P. Schmerber, Gardening and Grounds Supervisor

  • J. Torres, Gardener
  • G. Guzman, Gardener
  • S. Gonzales, Groundskeeper
  • M. Lee, Groundskeeper
  • M. Cobbs, Grownskeeper
  • K. Slack, Custodian
  • L. Moore, Custodian
  • M. Valencia, Custodian
  • J. Mitchell, Custodian
  • I. Logan, Custodian
  • N. Hicks, Custodian
  • S. McCoy, Custodian
  • C. Gibbons, Custodian
Reports to VP Administration

Reports to Director of College Facilities

  • Reports to above Supervisor
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August 24, 2007