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Academic Affairs
Marcy Drummond, Vice President
Academic Affairs Website

Ms. Marcy Drummond, Vice President

R. Azarmasa, Dean, Academic Affairs


E. Serrano, Sr. Secretary

P. Bailey, CAOT, CIS

C. Chavea, Information Computer & Electronics Technology
R. Palacios, Language Arts

M. Murphy, Mathematics

TBD, Associate Dean, Learning & Teaching Resources

  • L. Delzeit, Technology Mediated Learning and Teaching
  • L. Kite, Library
  • A. Randall, Learning Skills, ESL
  • Instructional Labs
  • Instructional Resources Lab
  • Media Services
  • Staff Development
  • Tutoring
  • Writing Center
L. Barajas, Dean, Academic Affairs
  L. Hunter, Senior Secretary
R. Serrato, Automotive Technology

W. Elarton, Construction, Design & Manufacturing

  • Apprenticeship
X. Wright, Science

M. Avila, Acting Associate Dean, Allied Health

  • TBD Assistant Director, LVN
  • R. Weingourt Assistant Director, RN

PROPOSED Director Grants, Contract & Community Services

  • V. Alonzo SFP Specialist
  • R. Baker Nutrition Network
  • Grants and SFPs
  • Contract Education
  • Community Services
  • D. Washington Foster Care

PROPOSED Associate Dean, Noncredit/CE, Eve/Weekend

  • S. Garcia Student Services Aide
  • Concurrent Enrollment
  • Eve / Weekend College
  • Noncredit / Continuing Ed
C. Morley-Mower, Dean, Academic Affairs
  S. Ellis, Senior Secretary

B. Kimble, Associate Dean, Academic Affairs

  • D. Wood, Articulation Office
  • V. Elkharbolty, Administrative Assistant
  • S. McKinney, Sr. Office Assistant

C. Anderson, Art Trades

  • Cooperative Education

S. Kasmar, Culinary Arts
J. Ratcliff, P. E., Health& Athletics

A. Rodriquez-Estrada, Behavioral & Social Science

  • Education, Child Development, & Family Services
M. Maine, Cosmetology
T. Dawkins, Personal Development Courses
Reports to Vice President,
Academic Affairs
Reports to above Dean
  • Reports to above Supervisor
To be reviewed in 2007/08 Academic Year


July 23, 2014