The Ability To Benefit (ATB) Test is the same computerized assessment test offered during the enrollment process. The ATB test is used for students lacking a high school diploma or its equivalent who wish to apply for financial aid. This is not applicable to students who are currently enrolled in high school. LATTC offers a computerized assessment test for the ATB test requirement.


Students are tested on basic skills in Mathematics and English (or English as a Second Language, ESL). The test is not timed but students should allow themselves at least two hours to complete. Printed results of the test are given to the student after completion the test.


To be eligible for financial aid, students must pass the three (3) test sections: Reading Comprehension, Sentence Skills, and Arithmetic. The scores are as follows:



For native English Speakers:

Reading Comprehension


Sentence Skills




Total possible points per section





For students who speak English as a Second Language (ESL):

LOEP Reading Skills


LOEP Sentence Meaning




Total possible points per section




Students are not required to study for this test, however, it is recommended to review skills in these subjects prior to taking the assessment test. Go to for review.




Students that do not pass the ATB Test the first time may take it again. If the student takes the test again, they must retest on all three (3) sections of the assessment test.




Retesting Policy


Test 1 ATBNO

Student can retest after 28 days.

Test 2 ATBNO

Student can retest after receiving a passing grade of C or better in English/Math/Learning Skills class.


Test 3 ATBNO

Student can retest after one (1) year from original test date.






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