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The mission of the Tutoring Center is to support students’ academic success by providing tutoring services and supplemental instruction that will complement their classroom instruction and assist them in developing their academic potential.  Tutors are trained to engage and encourage students by sharing ideas and solutions, utilizing effective tutoring strategies, and facilitating a smooth pathway towards learning and understanding.


Free, comprehensive tutoring services are available to all Los Angeles Trade-Tech College students.  One-on-one tutoring is available for EOPS students and small group tutoring is available for general LATTC students.  Tutors are scheduled at a variety of convenient times throughout the week in the Learning Skills Center.


Students are to be referred by any instructor or a counselor to receive tutoring.  The Tutoring Referral Form can be completed electronically and e-mailed to Dr. Ayesha Lindsey Randall at, sent via campus mail, or hand delivered to C-102.  If you are a student, you may

Regina LeBorg

Instructional Asst., Language Arts

Learning Skills Center

print out the referral and give it to your instructor or counselor to fill out.  You may also self-refer and take it directly to a Learning Skills instructor to sign.


If you are an instructor or counselor, you have the option of completing a referral form for your entire class.  The Tutoring Referral Form – For a Class may also be filled out electronically and e-mailed.  Please attach your class roster with student identification numbers in the e-mail (or attach it on the back of the form if you are printing it).


For specific questions about tutoring hours and the availability of tutors, you may visit the Tutoring Center in C-102 (Blue Room) or call at (213) 763-3738.


Hours & Location
The Tutoring Center is located in C-102 (Blue Room).  Students may receive a maximum of 3 hours of weekly tutoring.  Tutors are scheduled by appointment.  Students must be enrolled at LATTC and have a valid Los Angeles Trade-Tech college ID card in order to schedule tutoring. Hours may vary during holidays and summer and winter sessions.  The Tutoring Center is not open when classes are not in session.

  • Fall & Spring Hours:
    Monday-Thursday:  8:00 a.m.-6:00 p.m.

·         Friday:  8:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m.

Subjects Tutored
The list of subjects offered changes periodically; for more information, come to the Learning Skills Tutoring Center.  Some of the subjects tutored include accounting, biology, chemistry, computer science, economics, electrical construction, electronics, English, math, philosophy, physics, and Spanish. 

Tutoring Schedule

The tutoring schedule will be posted by the end of the first week of each semester.  Adjustments will be posted through the semester.


Tutor Qualifications
In order to become a Los Angeles Trade Technical College Learning Skills Tutor, students must:

·         Have received at least a "B" in the course for which they will be tutoring.

·         Secure a written recommendation from their instructor.

·         Be further screened for their oral and written communication abilities.

·         Pass an interview.

·         Take a Tutor Training Course focusing on techniques for tutoring. 

·         Fill out the Tutoring Course Waiver Form if you believe you are exempt from tutor training based on your previous equivalent training or an advanced degree.

Duties of Tutors

Tutors are not here to teach. Your instructor is the primary source of information for your coursework. The goal of tutoring at Los Angeles Trade-Tech College is to help students become active, independent learners. Tutoring is not intended to be a substitute for class attendance, a quick fix the day before an exam, or a question-and-answer exercise. Los Angeles Trade-Tech College Tutors, who have demonstrated mastery of the subject matter that they tutor and participated in an intensive, on-going training program, use techniques such as questioning, modeling, listening and demonstration.


Frequently Asked Questions

How much does tutoring cost?

Tutoring is absolutely FREE of charge. Los Angeles Trade-Tech wants to make sure everyone has an opportunity to succeed in college, and this is just one of the many ways we show our dedication to helping students succeed in college.


Are the Tutors trained?

Absolutely! Every tutor must first meet academic qualifications and be approved for employment following an interview. Before any tutor can begin tutoring he or she must complete tutor training. In addition to these required hours of training, Tutors have the opportunity to complete additional training by attending training sessions that are offered throughout the semester. By meeting various training requirements, Tutors can eventually become certificated as a Regular, Advanced, or Master Tutor. 


Los Angeles Trade-Tech’s Tutoring Center has received the highest level of certification by the College Reading and Learning Association (CRLA). Since March 1989, over 300 college and university tutorial programs in the United States and Canada have received tutor-training certification through CRLA's International Tutor Certification Program (ITCP).  This certification provides recognition for the successful work of Tutors from an international organization, CRLA. In addition, the certification process sets a standard of skills and training for Tutors.



Supplemental Instruction is a learning enhancement program. SI is designed to organize and improve the ways in which students prepare for class outside of class. SI is attached to courses to provide students with a systematic and disciplined approach for processing the course material assigned by the instructor.


Through this program an SI leader is assigned to a course. This is a student who has demonstrated proficiency in a targeted program and undergoes SI training. The SI leader attends the course to keep up with the course content being presented and to model effective student practices and attitudes. The SI leader schedules and conducts from three to five group meetings a week at times convenient to members of the class. During these sessions, the SI leader uses interactive learning strategies which encourage involvement, comprehension and synthesis of course content. In addition, the SI leader will incorporate demonstrations of effective study techniques.


If you have questions about Supplemental Instruction, come in to the Tutoring Center in C-102 (Blue Room) or call at (213) 763-3738.


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