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Los Angeles Trade-Technical College has an 80+ year history of educating and preparing the Los Angeles workforce for careers in industries that fuel the regional economy. The college began in 1925 by offering a course in power sewing at a manufacturing plant-hence the roots of the college are firmly grounded in workforce education and economic development.

Today…Trade-Tech is a substantial provider of a knowledgable, skilled, and prepared workforce in Los Angeles. In the last five years alone over 75,000 individuals have participated in career-technical, workforce education and training programs at the college.

Meeting the Need for a Skilled & Educated Workforce  In the wake of the baby boomers' wave of retirements and the emerging green economy, many kinds of employers may have trouble filling skilled, well-paying jobs that don't require bachelors' degrees. With the unacceptable rates of high school dropout and increasing need for remedial education and basic skills training, employers are increasingly concerned about the competitiveness of California's industries. Los Angeles Trade-Technical College has serval initiatives aimed at providing a skilled and educated workforce to meet the current and future needs of employers in the greate Los Angeles region.  These initiatives are as follows.

  • Green Workforce Development  The Division of Workforce and Economic Development

               Green Courses and Certificate and Degree Programs - programs that range from
               alternative fuels and emissions reduction in the Diesel Technology Program to a
               Supply Water Technology AS degree with an emphasis in water purification.
               Currently the college has 52 green-integrated courses and four green-related degree
               and certificate programs

               Green Workforce Development Research and Presentations - reports and
               presentations commissioned or prepared by the college on the emerging green
               economy, green jobs, and green workforce development

  • Regional Economic Development Institute (REDI)  REDI is a career and technical education applied research, training, and technical assistance center based in the Division for Workforce and Economic Development at Los Angeles Trade-Technical College.   REDI's mission is to strengthen the regional economy through the design, delivery, and dissemination of state-of-the art workforce development, vocational, and basic skills education and training programs.

  • Sector-Based Workforce Development Through REDI, the Division of Workforce and Economic Development engages in continuous program development  to ensure that education and training programs are available to address workforce shortages in highest demand industries in Los Angeles.  More specifically that programs are readily available to prepare individuals for successful employment in entry-level positions that lead to career opportunities; to provide training for incumbent workers to acquire new skills to advance, and to fulfill specific occupational shortages in industries critical to the economic vitality of Los Angeles.  Currently REDI is engaged in two industry sector development initiatives as follows:

               Utility/Energy Sector - Utility and Construction Prep Program

               Hospitality Sector (Restaurant and Food Service) - in development

  • Division Grants The Division of Workforce and Economic Development is generously supported by private and public organizations through grants and contracts. To ensure fiscal and programmatic responsibility, the Division has made a strong commitment to providing effective grant and contract oversight and monitoring including the establishment of strict guidelines and policies and procedures.  For more information on grants management within the Division click here.

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