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Welcome to the Student Services Division. This division is responsible for assisting students in their college experience. To achieve these goals the Student Services Division has developed many programs designed to facilitate our student's assimilation into our college family. These programs are available to you from day one, and will assist you from the moment you submit your application to the day you're handed your degree.

With a wide range of organizations, services, activities, and programs the Student Services Division has your success in mind. Organizations such as the Associated Student Organization give students the ability to voice their concerns and their needs. Services like Counseling allow students to plan ahead and make sure they are on the correct path to sucess. Activities like Athletics allow students to express their school pride. Programs like Puente help students move on to the next step of their education. It is our hope that you will take advatage of every possible program under our umbrella, because your success is our ultimate goal.

Thank you for visiting our website, we hope that you will return soon to see the new programs that we are developing to assure your success at our college.

Vive President of Student Services

Ramon S. Castillo
Vice President
Student Services

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