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Our Mission

Trade-Tech's Physical Plant department not only provides maintenance and/or routine repairs, but also engages in project specific activities necessary to maintain the college facilities, as well as keep up with advances in technology.

Our daily operations include: incorporating new technology and energy conservation into campus operations, addressing security, as well as safety and health issues while keeping focus of our involvement in the College’s long term planning.  As such, we are involved with the college's Deferred Maintenance and Hazardous Substances Removal programs; architectural/engineering planning for design, renovations, and construction.

With so many variable responsibilities, the workday of our department is anything but routine. Our mission is to provide students, faculty and staff with an environment conducive to learning.

Recycling Info

LATTC’s recycling program encompasses the following activities:

  • Paper

  • Tree clippings

  • Cardboard boxes

  • Online surplus equipment auctions (

  • Equipment re-utilization

Contact us for large pick-ups of paper and cardboard.

On-going projects
  • "A" Building restoration (East side)

  • "B" and "D" Building restoration

  • New Child Development Center

  • New South Campus Buildings

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