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Welcome to the Learning Skills Center at Los Angeles Trade-Technical College.  The Learning Skills Center is the home of the new Learning Skills and English as a Second Language (ESL) Department and the Teaching and Learning Support Services Department. Our mission is to provide academic instruction and support services in a caring environment to help students to be successful in their classes and stay in school. The Learning Skills Center focuses on responding to the individual needs of students and provides courses, tutoring, computer access, and instructional resources to all students to help ensure success in their academic, career, and personal goals. If there is a need for classes or services that are not currently offered, we will make every effort to design a learning program just for you.






Academic Disciplines:

Support Services:


         Supplemental Instruction




American Sign Language


This discipline currently offers courses to develop communication skills using the manual alphabet and American Sign Language to assist in gaining an understanding of deafness and deaf culture. Vocabulary, grammar dialogue, and the improvement of expressive and receptive skills are also covered.

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Developmental Communications


This purpose of this discipline is to assist under-prepared college students to master the reading, writing and mathematics skills necessary to achieve a level of academic competence to perform successfully in their college level courses and to move as quickly as possible through their Individual Learning Plan.

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Courses in this discipline provide students with an introduction to the field of public education and practical experience in teaching, curriculum planning, and classroom assessment. Courses include field placement in classrooms under the supervision of an experienced mentor teacher.

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English as a Second Language (ESL)


The ESL discipline consists of core ESL level and elective offerings which include conversation and writing classes. All courses offered under ESL are targeted towards students whose native language is not English. Upon completion, students will have improved English skills and are better prepared to transfer to college level English classes.

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Learning Skills


The Learning Skills discipline offers basic skills and developmental courses in reading, writing, mathematics, spelling, ESL, basic computer literacy, study skills, developmental communications, electronics, and GED preparation. To accommodate individual learning styles, a combination of lecture and computer-assisted instruction courses is offered. Classes are available throughout the semester in short-term and long-term formats.

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Special Education


The Special Education discipline offers specially designed instruction to meet the unique needs of students with disabilities. These courses are primarily for students identified as having certain cognitive, mental or physical disabling exceptionalities.

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Supervised Learning Assistance


Upon faculty/counselor referral, students will receive tutoring in designated subject areas in the Learning Skills Center.  Cumulative progress and attendance records will be maintained for this non-credit, open-entry/open-exit course.  No tuition will be charged nor will grades be received for enrollment in this course.

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