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Computer Information Systems

We have courses for you if you are seeking a career in computing, want to transfer to a university, or to just want (or need) to learn more about computers.

Computer Information Systems is committed to helping the student develop technology skills that will put him/her on the cutting edge of the 21st century. Students can study programming, Microsoft networking, systems, data base and web design and development.

Our students have gone on to get Microsoft certification, transfer to excellent universities and work in the high-tech IT field. We are very proud of them.

Our program consists of core courses that we believe every computer specialist needs to know, as well as electives that allow the student to complete their work in the areas that most interest them. The curriculum is continually changing to meet the needs of the rapidly changing industry.

Our current program:

Requirements for a degree may be met by completion of the following with a grade of "C" or better:
The required courses below (including 18 units of CO INFO or related classes) and 18 units of general education classes as listed in “Graduation Plan B” in the college catalog, to complete the 60 unit degree requirement. Students planning to continue studies at a four-year institution should consult a counselor concerning a transfer curriculum.
Required course Course Name Units
CIS 700 Computer Concepts 3
CIS 701 Introduction to Computers 3
Business 1 Intro to Business 3
CIS 709 Visual Basic Programming 3
CIS 733 Data Base Programming 3
CIS 739 C++ Programming 3
CIS 787 Network Essentials 3
Core Electives CIS and related classes 18-21
General EdElectives English, Math, etc, from Plan B 18-21
Total Units   60
Students needing a certificate of completion may complete the above WITHOUT the General Ed Units


Joseph Auciello

Louis Hahne 

Adjunct Faculty:

Pages for Adjuct Faculty to follow.